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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
News Politics

Syria gets toughest sanctions by US in an attempt to push Assad’s 9-year bloody conflict to an end

On Wednesday, the U.S imposed sanctions on Syria, the toughest till date….

Paul Whelan, an ex-US marine
News World

Russia incarcerates ex-US marine Paul Whelan over spying charges

Paul Whelan, an ex-US marine, was arrested 18 months ago in a hotel room in Mexico with a USB drive in his possession….

Coronavirus on New Zealand
News World

New Zealand beats Coronavirus, heads towards all restrictions lifting after 17 day no-case streak and zero active cases

Celebratory moment for 5 million people who call New Zealand home, as country declared no active….

saudi and UN to save Yemen

The Taliban are chasing foreign support, but the terrorism spectre remains

In a virtual humanitarian event hosted by Saudi Arabia in partnership with United Nations on Tuesday, international donors pledged to donate $1.35 billion as aid

The most famous cryptocurrency is bitcoin.
Middle East News

Virtual currency boosts business in Middle East, paces up the economy

Rain, the first licensed cryptocurrency exchange in Middle East that was launched in 2017 holds the market of digital currency…..

Coronavirus Pandemic
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As Europe Struggles to Stay Afloat Amid the Coronavirus fight, France and Germany Propose $545 billion fund

Coronavirus pandemic is hitting Europe hard with crumbling economies and gradual fracturing of the European Union….

Coronavirus pandemic has led to mighty changes in the lifestyle industry in Saudi
News Opinion

Contactless Tech and e-gifts the new norm for Saudi shoppers amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic has led to mighty changes in the lifestyle industry in Saudi, the most highlighted being the shopping style among people in Saudi Arabia…

Department of Homeland Security Seal
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U.S. – China Miff : U.S. Plans to Book China of Trying to Hack Vaccine Data

Amidst the U.S. allegations against China related to the Coronavirus spread, former is planning to accuse China by issuing a warning of latter trying to

Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV impact Arab economy.
Middle East News

Arab Economies Set for Multilevel Blow Due To COVID-19: IMF

With the slowdown due to COVID-19 the Arab economies are set to face major shock at many levels, stated the regional head of International Monetary

Graphs representing the stock market crash caused by the Coronavirus
News Opinion

Post COVID-19 Pandemic – How Will Aviation and Lifestyle Industries Change

As the country went into Lock down 3.0 and government came up with relaxations on zonal basis, one thing remain unchanged – the flight status.