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What do analysts say about Turkey’s gas surges in the Black Sea?

Erdogan found the manna he was looking for. He did not find it in the Eastern Mediterranean, where controversial Turkish explorations continue alarming Greece and


How An Engineer Was Tortured To Become An Iranian Informer

In another incident of blatant brainwash, a Canadian Iranian software engineer working with a social media giant has turned sides and become an informer for

Heshmat _Khalifa

Islamic Relief Worldwide’s leadership resigns en masse after calling Israelis “monkeys and pigs” and terrorists “heroes”

Less than four weeks since a director of United Kingdom-based largest Muslim charity resigned as his multiple antisemitic posts in Arabic on Facebook resurfaced in

United _Nation

How and Why the US left isolated by countries opposing its move to snap back UN sanctions on Iran – An Insight

US isolation has reached new heights at global stage as countries have openly opposed its move through formal letters to snap back the UN sanctions

French President Emmanuel Macron

Germany-France offer EU mediation in Belarus amid political unrest

Amid the ongoing political crisis in Belarus, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have offered to mediate for the European nation in

Middle East

Israel continues retaliatory bombing in Gaza

Hamas targets have been under fire from Israel for more than a week in response to relentless fire balloon attacks from Gaza. Warning that Hamas


Qatar pays 1 billion $ to Hamas to incite Palestinian public opinion

Qatar donated 1 billion dollars to Hamas to incite Palestinian public opinion against the recent Abraham accords facilitated by the United States. Doha publicized the


Fragile East Mediterranean political situation awaits EU’s decision to halt Turkish exploration

Situation at the eastern Mediterranean shore has been turning tense as Turkey ramped up its energy exploration activities in the region, despite multiple objections raised


The dramatic situation of Libyans in the hands of Ankara, Doha and Moscow

The Turkish turning point in the Libyan crisis has shown the realization of new scenarios in the geopolitical theatre of East Africa. Ankara’s massive intervention


Taiwan opens its door for Hong Kongers but keeps a wary eye on spies

Taiwan opened its door to the Hong Kong refugees who are looking for an escape from the autocratic communist regime, especially after the Chinese government’s