Iraq Moves Ahead Into Business Partnership With the US Under New Leadership


Iraq is willing to move closer to the US when it comes to business.  The Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi has shown interest to do business with the US, while the latter has shown keen interest in oil and troop investments in the region.

In a recent meeting, despite the social distancing protocols, a meeting between the leaders and shown that both are interested in doing business together.  Just before the pandemic hit the world, Iraq had asked the US to withdraw its troops. Iraq was being arm twisted by Iran in doing so. But the US has continued to maintain a force of 5000 or so stable troops in Iraq. It is also showing great interest in adding to the troop numbers, if Iran showed extra interest in the Iraq.

 The Iraqi PM in January Adel Abdul-Mahdi had been obliged to adhere to Iranian requests and demands well aware that a lot of his political tout remained due to ardent political and financial support from Tehran itself. It is also responsible of providing military know how to the terrorist group Hezbollah which has a strong representation in the Iraqi parliament.

However, under the new leadership of PM Al-Kadhimi, the Iraqis seem to be welcoming the US and coalition troops, especially in the ongoing fight to keep Daesh fighters from taking hold of the country again. Al-Kadhimi is also wishing to consolidate the country by keeping Turkey at bay, that continues to carry out military operations on the borders and at times within the country as well.

Iraq hopes for the military situation to come under control and thereafter business could see a boom between the nations.  In anticipation of good times, American Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette has already announced energy agreements worth up to $8 billion between the Iraqi minsters of oil and electricity and five US companies.

These include Honeywell, Baker Hughes, GE, Stellar and Chevron. Brouillette has made a formal statement to the media saying that the US private investments will help Iraq’s energy sector and stressed a need for Iraq to reduce its dependence on energy from Iran.



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