China Unleashes 80,000-Ton Fujian – Bold Proposal

china unleashes 80,000 ton fujian bold proposal

China is making its navy very strong. It has recently started testing its third and largest aircraft carrier called Fujian. China Unleashes 80,000-Ton Fujian. A former navy chief of India has suggested that India should work with France to build a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

Admiral’s Bold Proposal

Retired Admiral Arun Prakash has given an idea. He says India and France are already working together on making engines for Indian fighter jets. France is also supplying Rafale fighter jets to India’s air force and navy. He proposes they should collaborate further to construct India’s future aircraft carrier.

Advantages of the French Partnership

France has started building its own advanced nuclear aircraft carrier called PA-NG. This will replace France’s current nuclear carrier in the future. Construction of PA-NG will start in 2025 and it is planned to be ready by 2038. The Admiral feels this is a good opportunity for India to join this project with France’s help.

Modern Technology for India

India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant was inducted in 2022. But it uses older technology to launch aircraft. It is also powered by gas turbines. The Admiral wants India’s next carrier to have modern features like catapults to launch planes and nuclear propulsion for unlimited range.

China Unleashes 80,000-Ton Fujian

As China increases naval presence in the Indian Ocean, experts say a 45,000-ton carrier like Vikrant may not be sufficient for India in the long run. A larger, nuclear-powered carrier would greatly enhance India’s naval capabilities and show its maritime importance for the next 40 years.

Overcoming Challenges

India has made nuclear submarines with Russia’s assistance. But building a nuclear reactor for a massive 60,000-ton warship is very difficult. However, if India shares costs with France and gets their technology, the Admiral believes India can construct this advanced carrier in 6-7 years, around the same time as France’s PA-NG.

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Strengthening Defense Ties

France is already a very important defence partner for India after Russia. This proposed collaboration on a nuclear aircraft carrier would make their relationship even stronger. It would also demonstrate that India is serious about challenging China’s growing maritime influence in the Indian Ocean region.

Working with France on such an advanced nuclear aircraft carrier could be a major step for India to increase its naval power and influence in the maritime areas for many decades.



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