Coalition government to be formed in Morocco


Morocco’s prime minister-designate, Aziz Akhannouch, says an agreement has been reached between three parties to form a new coalition government.

Akhannouch mentioned that the three biggest winners of this month’s election are the liberal National Rally of Independents (NRI) and the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM), and the conservative Istiqlal. Collectively the leaders of these parties have agreed to form a new cabinet.

The moderate Islamist PJD party, which had been the largest in the previous two elections and whose leader had served as prime minister since 2011, crashed to a heavy defeat and said it would join the opposition together with leftist parties. It should also be noted that in Morocco, history was made in this year’s elections as women secured more than 400 local government and parliamentary seats. This meant a major success and progressive steps towards empowering the women of the country.

Leaders said this is called harmonious government that will seek to satisfy the aspirations of Moroccans. During the past few days, Akhannouch met with leaders of the political parties represented in Parliament as part of his consultations to form the government.

The kingdom’s constitution does not provide for a specific period for consultations to form a government. However, any coalition formation requires obtaining the approval of those who occupy half plus one of the seats in the parliament.

However, Morocco is still a constitutional monarchy, with the king holding substantial power. He picks the prime minister from the party that wins the most seats in the parliament and appoints key ministers.

The palace also sets the economic agenda for the North African country of 37 million people and has commissioned a development model that the new government is being asked to implement for the welfare of the people and state.



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