Democratic nations should not turn blind eye to military aggressions: Taiwan


Taiwan TaiwanTaiwan on Wednesday warned about the growing military aggression in line with what is happening in Ukraine and stressed that democratic nations should not turn blind eye to it as it may have severe complications. The Taiwanese leader stated that her island is also facing threats which are similar to that of Ukraine. She expressed her concerns during a meeting with a delegation of former US security officials.

The meeting was headed by ex-chairman of the joint chiefs of staff as well as retired admiral Michael Mullen, who arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday. The fears seem genuine given the timing of the comment as Ukraine is already under attack by Russia and Beijing has been increasing its say on the self-ruled island.

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Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen made a bold statement during the meeting as she said, “History teaches us that if we turn a blind eye to military aggression, we only worsen the threat to ourselves.” Taiwan has been closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine and it continues to live under constant threat of being invaded by China and hence expressed its concerns at the platform. The Taiwanese leader also stated that the Taiwanese people empathize with the way Ukrainian families are dealing with the situation.

In line with this, she also underlined how Beijing has been closing up the gap and increasing the military involvement. It is making the land more insecure than before and resulting in a tense climate with every passing day.



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