Qatar attempts to increase the conflict between Russia-Ukraine


Qatar QatarIt is very well noted that during situations of conflict between two countries, it is always the third country which is benefited out of it. With direct involvement between matters between two sides, this is called proxy war but when there is indirect involvement, it can just be referred to as luck.

But often in these situations, people identify one’s humanity. Ukraine’s state is hidden to no one. The media is vastly covering the crisis taking place in the nation and by which it is clear that families are getting separated, older people have gone into hiding, civilians are killed and yet people are ready to feed on such emotions.

As per report, Qatar has been involved in activities that are resulting in increased conflict between the European countries. Forget being there as a mediator, the Arab nation is sending mercenaries trained under its facilities to borders to increase the conflict and cause more damage.

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It has been found out that Doha has been funding a certain section in Ukraine for war volunteers from European countries (Volunteer Corps). This has been done with the purpose to challenge Russia so that Russia acts more aggressively in the given climate.

Knowing that the Russian aggression has already resulted in the death of over 100 civilians, the Qatari rule is separately trying to ruin any scope for a reconciliation. Due to such measures and such an image that Qatar is trying to impose on the Russian administration, Western countries are unable to crack the box to ask Russia to step back from Ukrainian territory.

Qatar has been known to take advantage of such situations regionally as well. Be it Sudan, Libya or Syria, it has used Mujahidens, trained under facilities funded by Qatar’s royal family, to go and fight foreign battles. After causing damage in the Arab world, Doha is trying to do the same with Europe by sending people to fight a battle they have nothing to do with.



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