Houthi controlled Hodeidah port makes UN task difficult to send essentials


Yemen YemenThe United Nations is worried about the aid that it had sent to Yemen though Hodeidah port as the port is in control of Houthis. In January it was revealed that the port was being used by the militia group for its warfare affairs.

Yemen is going through a massive humanitarian crisis and the UN is stepping up its efforts to cater to the civilians who have been subjected to the violence in the country for over a decade. But it fears that its efforts are going in vain and the port it uses to send the aid to the country is occupied by Houthi rebels.

What is even more surprising is the fact that the UN continued to send aid through thai particular port despite the reports being liberated. Houthis too occupied Hodeidah port when all other ports were free and lacked occupancy. It was found that Houthis were stealing from the aid that came on the shore through UN ships.

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The concern grew further when it was noticed that Houthis were also executing smuggling activities through this port. It was alarming as only a few hours ago the UN Security Council announced an arms embargo on the Houthi rebels citing regional security and public safety. Recent months have seen Houthis being extremely aggressive in the region with the string backing it has kept receiving from Iran.

The demand to announce them has international terrorist organistaion grew among the Arab nations as well as few European nations given the scale of damage they have done in the these few months.



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