Diriyah Gives an Immersive Experience in the UK

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Diriyah, one of the most culturally significant places in Saudi Arabia, taps into Saudi pride and the narrative of Saudis in the world, says Diriyah Company’s chief marketing officer Kiran Jay Haslam. It is giving an immersive, free exhibition at entertainment, arts and culture district Outernet London, to attract visitors.

This project is being backed by the Saudi Crown Prince himself and the Public Investment Fund. The Diriyah exhibition reflects the tradition of Saudi hospitality, wherein visitors were served dates and Arabic coffee.

Haslam said they created the warmth of Diriyah by fusing technology.

Diriyah and Saudi Tourism

Diriyah is just one aspect of Saudi Arabia’s vast tourism destinations. The executive said visitors at the installation had the chance to learn about the history of Diriyah, from the early members of the ancient Banu Hanifa tribe who first inhabited the city, to the legacy of Imam Mohammed ibn Saud, who established the first Saudi State, and beyond.

Fahd Hamidaddin, CEO and Member of the Board at Saudi Tourism Authority, said Saudi Arabia’s expanded and record-breaking participation this year reflects their expanded targets and accelerate growth. “Winter season in Saudi is the most vibrant and happening anywhere in the world. In most destinations Winter is one season, in Saudi, it is many seasons across many cities – Riyadh, AlUla, Diriyah, Jeddah and many more. We believe the best way to share Saudi with the world is by inviting the world to come and see it for themselves and there is no better time than now.”

Hamidaddin said they make new connections at trade shows and see new business opportunities across the tourism value chain. “It is more competitive than ever for our trade partners to introduce visitors to the wonders of Arabia.”

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Celebrating Diriyah

Haslam said through their exhibition in London, they placed spotlight on upcoming developments as part of the Diriyah development project. Emphasis is also being placed on preserving the region’s traditional Najdi architectural style.

“Being under the PIF is incredible because the gravity of what the Public Investment Fund is, globally, really helps people to understand that the ambition of what is there is also matched with the commitment, conviction, expertise and finances to deliver.”

The ongoing Diriyah projects will boost Saudi Arabia’s GDP by $7.2 billion and 55,000 jobs.



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