Egypt Condemns Turkish Intervention role in Syria


Tuesday, November 03, 2020. Political tensions between Egypt and Turkey have worsened in recent times due to Egypt’s condemnation of Turkey’s aggression in the eastern Mediterranean region, while Turkey insists on drilling in the Mediterranean Sea near the Greek-Cyprus border.

Meanwhile, Turkish troops and armed militias have been deployed on Libyan soil (on the border with Egypt and the west) to support Libyan government forces. Egypt has recently condemned Turkey’s role in Syria and described it deteriorating situation in Syria. This has promoted Ankara to criticize its Egyptian counterpart, fueling existing tensions between the two sides.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Shoukry said Turkey’s presence in Syria is not only a threat to Syria, but also a serious blow to the entire region. Any plan to expose extremism and hand it over to foreign terrorist fighters must not be tolerated. He said. Egypt has also previously condemned Turkey’s “continued violations” of Iraq’s sovereignty – citing Turkey’s military offensive in northern Iraq against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

Egypt argues that Turkey’s intervention in the Arab world is internationally condemned. Shoukry’s comments point to Turkey’s willingness to intervene in Arab affairs to inform the world of its aggression and violation of good neighborly rules. Turkey’s entry into Libya has been described by the international community as illegal and unacceptable. Turkey has provided military assistance to the government recognized by the United Nations in Libya while Egypt and Russia supported pro Hafter groups.

Recent fighting in northeastern Syria – following a Turkish military operation launched on October 9 – has worsened the safety and well-being of the region’s 3 million people, a senior United Nations humanitarian official said. The dispute between Egypt and Turkey erupted after Turkey declared war on General Haftar’s forces in the near border towns of Libya, which Egypt sees as a threat to its borders. Egypt warns Ankara to start fighting in border towns.

Turkey is waging a controversial invasion of Syria’s northern province of Afrin, aimed at expanding Turkey’s current presence in the country and removing Kurdish fighters from that territory.



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