EXCLUSIVE: Ghannouchi to resign from the presidency of Tunisian Parliament

It is enough to follow the way some Arab channels cover what is happening in Tunisia to understand the interference extent aimed at demonizing the Tunisian spring, the president of the Islamist party, Ennahdha, Rachid Ghannouchi told the Turkish news agency Anadolu. In the latest piece of a weighty media campaign prepaid by the Muslim Brotherhood, Ghannouchi takes on the role of the victim again. Of whom lies, knowing he is lying.

After the threats to Italy of sending migrants waves by sea, the terrorist attacks, and the bloodshed, today Rachid Ghannouchi gives us another episode of this tragicomic series aired in the international press. While the local media avoids him – as it should be done with those who have nothing to say – the international media welcomes the statements of the Islamist party leader with joy.

“The Ennahdha Movement is ready to make some concessions and I am ready to renounce the presidency of Parliament if it is in the interest of the democratic process in Tunisia.” Ghannouchi said today, expressing his willingness to respect the internal rules of the party and not to apply for a new mandate to lead the Radical Movement.

Rashid Ghannouchi not only faces heavy accusations ranging from corruption crimes to support for international terrorism by the Tunisian people and judiciary, but is also under pressure from his own creature, Ennahdha. Former Health Minister and leader of Ennahdha, Abdellatif Mekki, revealed that a statement signed by Ghannouchi would have been published without the approval of the movement’s executive office.

“The board of directors should have been consulted.” Mekki pointed out, adding that he does not understand why they are breaking party rules in this way. He recalled that ratification of press releases by the executive committee is a mandatory step before publication.

The Ennahdha Movement today published a press release on its official page announcing the formation of a political committee for crisis management and expressing its intention to complete the democratic process in Tunisia.

The incident confirms that, in Tunisia, the Muslim Brotherhood’s project is end. Ennahdha is dead and will not be able to reborn after the party’s shady plans have been revealed. But the President of the Republic, Kais Saied, still has to act with caution as long as the multi-headed monster infiltrates Tunisian institutions. Certainly, to think that Ghannouchi could return to the courtroom, as if nothing had happened, was unthinkable. More than a step backwards, today’s statements to Anadolu represent more an awareness.



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