EXCLUSIVE: Kais Saied reveals what happened to 10 years of international aids to Tunisia

The President of the Tunisian Republic, Kais Saied, said that financial donations provided by several countries to help Tunisia over the past decade have been


EXCLUSIVE: “Tunisia is on the right track,” Iteb Akaichi tells The Arab Post

The Tunisians today seem to have found a smile again after the recent decisions of the President of the Republic, Kais Saied. In an exclusive


EXCLUSIVE: decisive days for Tunisia, Islamists ignite the media against President Kais Saied

“Kais Saied is slowly trying to break through the wall of corruption, silence, and malfeasance built over the last ten years,” women’s rights activist tells The Arab Post.


EXCLUSIVE: not only in the USA, Ghannouchi has also paid campaigns in Italy and France

Recently, the Tunisian judiciary opened a new investigation against the Islamist movement Ennahda, after the disclosure of a lobbying contract with a pressure group that the movement concluded last week to campaign for it in Washington.


EXCLUSIVE: Ghannouchi to resign from the presidency of Tunisian Parliament

After the threats to Italy of sending migrants waves by sea, the terrorist attacks, and the bloodshed, today Rachid Ghannouchi gives us another episode of this tragicomic series aired in the international press.


EXCLUSIVE: Justice will run its course in Tunisia, but the Brotherhood does not give up

Former Board of Truth and Dignity (IVD) member Ibtihel Abdellatif has made heavy accusations against former IVD chairman Sihem Ben Sedrine, regarding her involvement in corruption cases within the Forum and his connection with the Islamist party Ennahdha.


EXCLUSIVE: Tunisia, arrested Said Jaziri another Islamist deputy

A few minutes ago, Quran Al Karim radio announced that its owner, Tunisian MP Said Jaziri, has been arrested by law enforcement. Since 2016, the


EXCLUSIVE: 551,008 Tunisians vaccinated in one day, now people ask why not before?

Tunisians understood they reached 20,000 deaths macabre toll due to incompetence and, above all, to the unwillingness to help and rescue people on the part of parliamentarians and members of the executive of Hicham Mechichi, supported by Rachid Ghannouchi and his Islamist party Ennhadha.


EXCLUSIVE: July 25 movement calls for the dissolution of the Tunisian Parliament

The pacific and popular July 25 movement organized a press conference in Central Tunis calling for the Parliament dissolution, referendum, and early elections.


EXCLUSIVE: CONECT says Kais Saied’s decisions open doors of hope for Tunisians

The National Executive Office of the Confederation of Citizen Businesses of Tunisia (CONECT) says Kais Saied decisions opened the doors of hope to the Tunisian people.