Facebook identifies two networks in Sudan using its platform for destruction purposes


Sudan SudanFacebook has shut down two networks operating in Sudan to spread rage among people for which they are using this social media platform. These two groups have been targeting Sudanese citizens in recent months when the country is already analysing its future scopes as a nation.

The Sudanese military and civilians are at different ends and that essentially is leading to causing disturbance in the nation. Any future power-sharing arrangement is also yet to be decided by the leaders of the Sudanese government.

At a time like this, public opinion is coming out to be the strongest source of information however one continues to doubt its credibility. The country is not only witnessing turmoil in the military arrangement, it also is tackling the economic crisis but due to the shaky transition to democracy following 30 years under President Omar al-Bashir.

As per a statement released by the social media giant, one of the largest pages on its platform were linked with the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces(RSF). It was an inauthentic page, clarified Facebook. The other page was supposedly formed by the supporters and researchers of the Bashir government.

Sudan recently briskly aided a military coup after hundreds of protesters demonstrated outside the presidential palace demanding the army to stop the functioning of the cabinet till they get solutions to their demands. Facebook has been trying to step up its game when it comes to security and fake transactions of information through its platform.

It has reportedly shut down almost a thousand accounts along with some of the very popular pages with over one million followers when it got to know that they had either links with the RSF or had members of the armed group. RSF was then asked to comment on the decision taken by the social media giant.

The matter was also taken to the government but it also did not see any outcome. Dagalo also known as Hemedti has clearly stated once again that he is not trying to benefit himself in any personal way rather he is committed to the democratic transition and let the power remain in civilian hands.

Many would think that these accounts were either reported by the people or the rivals of the armed groups but in fact the accounts have been taken down after Facebook’s personal investigation committee found its link with RSF.

The Facebook director of threat disruption, David Agranovich stressed after an internal investigation, the networking pages were found to have links with dangerous organizations. Agranovich also said that the company had already removed one of the operating networks in June this year but that was after Valent projects tipped off about it.

After the June incident, the Sudanese government was quick to respond. The government also stated that these were attempts by the ex-regime loyalists who were working to undermine the transition to democracy. It had stated that the ‘Loyalists were working systematically to tarnish the image of the government.’

More than anything else, this is Facebook making efforts to rectify its image after it was accused of being ignorant towards hate speech on its platform. Despite it making amends, experts stress that in every country, Facebook continues to remain tilted toward one side and not show balance its functioning.

Sudan briefly was reeling after the major downfall during the covid-19 pandemic as well as the sanctions imposed by the United States but the current turbulence in the governance preposition is hampering the growth process.



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