How Long Is The Gold Star Bridge? Why Is It In Headlines?

Gold star bridge

The Gold Star Bridge is renowned for being a crucial transit route in Eastern Connecticut, linking the cities of Groton and New London.

It is also well-known for having a distinctive steel truss construction and for being named in memory of the loved ones of military personnel who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Since it was first built in the 1940s, the bridge has played a significant role in the region’s transportation infrastructure. It is utilized by an estimated 60,000 vehicles per day.

Why is the Gold Star bridge in headlines?

A petroleum tanker explosion on the Gold Star bridge resulted in the death of one person and the injury of two others, as well as the closure of roads and disruption of traffic.

The explosion was set off by a blown-out tire on a passenger car, which also caused the outer guard rail of the bridge to melt and released home heating oil into the Thames River.

The amount of fuel the vehicle was transporting at the time of the collision is unknown.

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What is the Gold Star bridge? Where is it located?

The Gold Star Bridge is a significant bridge in Connecticut, United States. It crosses the Thames River and links the coastal cities of Groton and New London.

An estimated 60,000 vehicles cross the bridge each day, which is a crucial transportation route in Eastern Connecticut close to the state’s border with Rhode Island.

The bridge is dedicated in honor of the families of servicemen and women who died while serving in the military.

How long is the Gold Star bridge?

The Gold Star Bridge, which is around 6,064 feet (1,848 meters) long, is made up of two adjacent steel-truss spans that run parallel to one another. The southbound span was finished in 1973, while the northbound span was already constructed in 1943.

How tall is the Gold Star bridge?

The Gold Star Bridge rises above the Thames River to a height of around 140 feet (or 43 meters).

How big is the Gold Star bridge?

The Gold Star Bridge is made up of two parallel steel-truss spans that run side by side and is about 6,064 feet long (1,848 meters).

Both the northbound and southbound spans were constructed, the former in 1943 and the latter in 1973. Additionally, it rises to a height of around 43 meters or 140 feet above the Thames River.



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