Intercity Bus Service to Connect 200 Cities Across Saudi Arabia

Intercity Bus Service to Connect 200 Cities Across Saudi Arabia

People in Saudi Arabia can now travel with ease via a mega bus transport services project that will connect 200 cities through 76 routes. The Intercity Bus Service will streamline movement between cities and governorates and provide commuters connectivity.

Commuters can take advantage of a wide range of transportation choices and smoother intra-kingdom transit. The project, which has been made possible through three international alliances, has deployed state-of-the-art buses fitted with eco-friendly technology.

This reflects Saudi Arabia’s commitment to a green and pollution free environment. It also represents the first foreign investment in Saudi’s transportation industry with Darb AlWatan Company, Northwest Bus Company and SAT.

Boost Transportation in Saudi Arabia

Minister of Transport and Logistic Services Saleh bin Nasser Al-Jasser said the groundbreaking initiative is designed to improve services for beneficiaries and strengthen private sector partnerships.

Al-Jasser said the project aims to provide commuters with diverse transportation choices, facilitate smoother intra-kingdom transit, diminish carbon emissions, boost safety measures, and alleviate road traffic.

“Since the inception of the National Strategy for Transport and Logistics Services by the Crown Prince, Saudi Arabia has witnessed considerable developments across all transport and logistics sectors.”

The minister believes the Intercity Bus Service will elevate competitiveness, integrate various transportation modes, and introduce sustainable, state-of-the-art transportation solutions. Moreover, the latest project will increase the use of public transportation from one percent to 15 percent by 2030. It will also reduce carbon emissions from transportation by 25 percent by 2030.

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Saudi Arabia Implementing Structural Reforms

Al-Jasser said Saudi Arabia’s land sector is seeing major structural reforms and steady growth, which encompasses all services. He shared that performance indicators recorded growth in transportation activities during 2022, and an increase in land transportation activities. The kingdom’s transportation of goods and passengers reached 46 percent over the same period in 2022.

“The transport and logistics services system will continue, with the support of the wise leadership, to develop the quality of services being provided, enhance the level of competitiveness, support integration with different modes of transportation, provide additional options of modern and environmentally friendly means of transportation.” Al-Jasser highlighted that all these are in line with Saudi Arabia green, environmental-friendly mission.



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