International Community condemns the military coup in Myanmar, emergency meeting of the UN Security Council


Tonight, the UN Security Council will meet in an emergency session to discuss the situation in Myanmar or Burma. Secretary General Antonio Guterres called the military coup “a serious blow to democratic reforms.” The US will immediately review the laws and powers on sanctions against Myamar and “take appropriate action.”Announced Joe Biden, after the coup in the Asian country.

Sanctions had been lifted in the last decade, following progress towards democracy. But the arrest of the leader Aung San Suu Kyi and some of the best-known opposition figures changed the picture.“We will work with our partners in the region and with the world to support the return of democracy and the role of law, as well as to hold accountable those responsible for overturning Burmese democratic transition,” the US president stated. but according to experts, American sanctions will not scare the military, who are ready to lean on China.

Also, the European Union condemned in the strongest terms the military coup carried out in Myanmar. “It is an unacceptable attempt to forcibly overturn the will of the people of Myanmar. Through their high turnout, the people of Myanmar expressed their strong belief in the democratic process in the general election on 8 November 2020. The election marked an important milestone in the country’s democratic transition. Any allegation of voting irregularities has to be settled within the proper legal and administrative channels. Overturning the choice of the people of Myanmar by force is illegal, against the principles of democracy and takes the country backwards”. The EU High Representative affirmed, speaking on behalf of the European Union, a few hours ago.

The EU has been a steadfast supporter of Myanmar’s civilian and democratic transition, its peace process and national reconciliation, and its inclusive socio-economic development. “We call upon the military to immediately and without any conditions release the President, the State Counsellor and all those who have been arrested, exercise maximum restraint, restore telecommunications, and respect human rights, freedom of expression, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law,” the EU stressed, also calling upon the military to restore the civilian government, to open the newly-elected Parliament, and to proceed with the subsequent appointments of the President, Vice-Presidentsof the new government.

The EU indicated that all member States stand ready to support dialogue with all key stakeholders who wish to resolve the situation in good faith, and to return to the constitutional order. Europe expects that the safety of the citizens of both Myanmar and of its Member States be ensured at all times and will consider all options at its disposal to ensure that democracy prevails.

Meanwhile, the video of the aerobics teacher, who was doing lesson while the coup began, has gone viral on the Internet.In the images she sent to her students who followed her from home, the army vehicles are seen approaching the parliament area, while the woman continues her lesson without realizing anything.

Aung San Suu Kyi’s party has called for the immediate release of the Nobel Peace Prize. The National League for Democracy (NLD) also urged the military to recognize her victory in the November general elections. The whereabouts of San Suu Kyi are still unknown more than 24 hours after her arrest. Since then, the Councillor of State has made her voice heard through a statement in which she appealed to the population not to “surrender” and to protest wholeheartedly against the military coup.



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