Iran closes businesses not abiding by hijab law


The authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran have started closing businesses and a large number of shops across the country which are not abiding by the mandatory hijab law.

Ali Akbar Javidan, the police commander of the Kermanshah Province of Iran, said that 45 businesses were closed because they were not observing the mandatory hijab law. He revealed that the Public Places’ Supervision Department started implementing the “chastity and hijab plan.”

According to reports by VOA Persian, the new measures were introduced to shut down any businesses whose employees fail to abide by the compulsory hijab law.

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Recently, Iran launched a new domestic surveillance program to send warnings to women who violate the hijab law. However, many women appear to be ignoring the mandatory hijab law.

VOA Persian has observed that many Iranian women walk on streets without wearing a hijab. They refused to wear head coverings in public places in the country.

Earlier, the Shargh Daily newspaper reported that over 100 stores and businesses were closed because they failed to comply with Iran’s Islamic dress code and mandatory hijab law.

According to Iranian media, the new measures took effect on April 15. Ahmad Reza Radan, a Military officer of the Law Enforcement Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran, said that the Iranian authorities installed street cameras to identify Iranian women violating the hijab law.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of the Interior of Iran urged all women to wear hijabs. The Tehran Metro Company also asked women to wear hijabs. The Tehran Metro Company said it would stop women from passing through the ticket barrier if they fail to follow the dress code.

Masoud Darshti, the chief executive of Tehran and Suburbs Metro Operation Company, said that Iranian women need to wear hijabs to use the metro.



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