No, I do not want a PS5! Reasons?


Are you anticipating the arrival of the PS5? But I’m not. You heard me right; you got it. As a self-described gaming enthusiast, I have good reasons for delaying joining the trend. I’ll explain why I don’t want Sony’s newest console in this blog post and why the PS4 is still adequate for me. So if you’re interested in learning why I reject the PS5 hype, please sit back and keep reading!

I don’t like Sony-

Let’s be clear about one thing: I have nothing against Sony as a company. On PlayStation gaming consoles, I’ve had some of my favorite gaming moments. I struggle to feel excited, though, when it comes to the PS5.

First off, I think Sony has stopped innovating and has grown complacent in the face of its success. Although the PS5 has faster loading times and better graphics than its predecessor, where is the WOW factor?

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I also have a problem with Sony because they don’t support cross-platform play. This is a significant disadvantage for me as someone who enjoys playing video games online with friends who might not own a PlayStation console.

Overall, even though my distaste for Sony isn’t particularly strong, it does contribute to my lack of enthusiasm for the PS5.

I think the PS4 is just fine-

I’ve always been satisfied with my PS4 as a gamer. Everything about it, from the graphics to the gameplay, has met all of my gaming needs. Although I’m sure the PS5 offers some incredible upgrades and features, I don’t think I need them.

I’ve enjoyed countless hours of entertainment and joy thanks to the PS4. Its game selection is extensive and varied, appealing to all kinds of players. The PS4 never lets me down, whether I want to lose myself in an open-world adventure or test my skills in a quick-fire shooter game.

The PS4’s continued smooth operation after years of use is another factor supporting my opinion that it is perfectly fine. Even though it was released in 2013, it still runs without any significant hiccups or problems.

Additionally, switching to a new console necessitates starting over, which can be intimidating. You risk losing your saved game progress. Although giving up my dependable old console occasionally may seem alluring due to the flashy television commercials touting the features of its replacement, the truth is that doing so would only be another expensive investment that wouldn’t add much value for someone like me who doesn’t require more than what their current system already offers.

Though there may be a variety of reasons why one would want to upgrade their consoles, as long as you enjoy playing your favorite games on your dependable Play Station, there is no harm in holding out until something truly extraordinary happens that will tempt you to give up your cherished gadget!

I don’t like the design of the PS5-

Since it was unveiled, the PS5’s design has been a hot topic of conversation among gamers. Some people adore it, while others despise it; I fall into the latter category.


First of all, the console is significantly larger than earlier iterations. The two-tone color scheme doesn’t quite work for me either; rather than looking like a sleek gaming device, it resembles an outdated modem or router.

In addition, the arrangement of the ports and buttons appears haphazard. They are dispersed across various surfaces and at various angles, which could make it difficult to plug in peripherals.

The stand that is necessary for vertical orientation is another thing that irritates me. It merely adds another item that requires storage space and feels extra in general.

The user experience is influenced by aesthetics even though a console’s performance is not determined by them. If I don’t like the way something looks in my entertainment center, I tend to be less likely to buy it.

The PS5 is overpriced-

One of the most eagerly awaited releases in the gaming sector this year is the PS5. But gamers all over the world are worried about its high price. A PS5 console starts at $499, which might not be within everyone’s budget.

Let’s face it: purchasing a $500 console isn’t an easy choice. especially when you take into account that owning a gaming system comes with additional costs like purchasing games and accessories.

Some contend that the PS5’s technology justifies its price. It has some impressive features, including ray-tracing capabilities, 3D audio support, and quicker loading times. But do these features justify spending several hundred dollars more than we did for consoles from earlier generations?

Aside from being expensive, many retailers have experienced stock shortages as a result of high demand brought on by lockdowns related to the pandemic and supply chain disruptions.

While some devoted gamers will undoubtedly rush out to purchase the most recent model regardless of cost or availability issues, others may decide to wait until prices drop or opt out completely and stick with their current consoles until something better emerges at a more reasonable price point.

No, I do not require a new console-

Here’s why I don’t require a new console. I already have a PS4 that is excellent and meets all of my gaming needs. It functions without a hitch, loads games quickly, and offers plenty of room for my collection’s storage.

Second, I just don’t like the thought of having to shell out hundreds of dollars for a brand-new console. Although some might contend that the enhanced graphics and performance make it worthwhile, I am unable to justify spending that much money when what I currently have works just fine.

I don’t need to upgrade just yet because so many current-gen consoles feature backward compatibility features. This implies that I can still play new games on my dependable old PS4 even if they are later developed exclusively for the PS5 (which is likely).

In conclusion, while some gamers might be eager to get their hands on the most recent and cutting-edge technology as soon as possible, others, like myself, see no reason to rush into an expensive purchase when what we currently have works perfectly well.


The PS5 may be the most talked-about topic in the gaming world right now, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants one. I don’t see any reason to buy a PS5 any time soon because I’m happy with my current console and don’t particularly like Sony’s brand or design choices. It is even less appealing due to its high price and dearth of must-have exclusive titles.

The PS5 may not be ideal for me, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be for someone else. Go ahead and purchase a brand-new PS5 if you’re a devoted Sony fan or are eager to play next-generation games for yourself. Just don’t count on getting everyone else to join you. In the end, gaming should always be about what makes each of us happy personally rather than adhering to fads or brand loyalty.



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