Israel Opposition Demands Benjamin Netanyahu’s Resignation

benjamin netanyahu

As Israel’s war against the Hamas in Gaza rages on, opposition leader Yair Lapid has called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to step down. Highlighting the government’s poor handling of the war, he said Netanyahu needs to go now.

“This government is not functioning. We need a change in the government. Netanyahu cannot continue being the prime minister of the state of Israel.” Lapid said Israel needs a government of national rehabilitation.

He also claimed that they are in discussions with various leaders of the ruling party, with many saying that Israel is going to a bad place. There’s similar growing sentiment among the Israeli civilians that Netanyahu has to go.

Israel Govt Responsible for Security Lapses

Demands are also growing louder for the Israeli government to take proactive steps in getting the hostages released. Hostage families are tired with the government and PM Netanyahu. On Saturday, protesters gathered in Tel Aviv demanding the government secure the immediate release of hostages. One of the hostage’s son demanded action. “Do not talk to me about conquering, do not talk to me about flattening Gaza. Do not talk at all. Just take action, bring them home now.”

They are unhappy with the way things are being unhandled. And there are some that believe that leadership cannot be changed in the middle of war. But in Haifa, a mixed Arab and Jewish city, demonstrators refused to wait for the war to end. There are growing concerns about the purpose and direction of the war that threatens to escalate, putting the country at risk.

In an open letter to the Israeli government, 35 Israeli Jewish and Arab peace and human rights groups, said there is no military solution to this conflict. “The only way to stop the bloodshed is a political agreement that will guarantee security, justice, and freedom for both nations. Harming innocents on one side does not balance the pain of killing on the other side, it just adds more pain. There are no winners in war, only peace will bring security.”

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Move Out Netanyahu

The opposition leader believes Israel needs a change. “Netanyahu cannot continue to be prime minister. We cannot allow ourselves to conduct a prolonged campaign with a prime minister that the public has no faith in.”

Lapid is ready to create a national reconstruction government which will be led by the Likud with ultra-Orthodox parties like Yisrael Beytenu and National Unity. But it will not be led by Benjamin Netanyahu. “Security-wise and on the society level, we cannot have a premier who has lost trust of the public. We need a government that can be trusted.”

Lapid believes it’s important to start a process of rehabilitation and healing.



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