Jordan’s Ambitious Tourism Campaign Targets 53 Countries, Activates Electronic Promotion


The Kingdom of Jordan has ambitious plans to launch an extensive electronic promotion campaign targeting 53 countries to revive tourism in the country. This is part of the government’s efforts to position Jordan as a top travel destination and recover from the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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To push these plans, the Lower House Tourism and Heritage Committee held a meeting with Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Makram Al-Qaisi and Director-General of the Jordanian Tourism Board (JTB) Abdelrazzak Arabiyat. They discussed the current state and challenges facing the Kingdom’s tourism sector. Arabiyat highlighted the need for expansion of distribution channels and positive impact of agreements signed with low-cost airlines.

The officials recognized the need to revitalize the tourism sector that plays a crucial role in supporting the country’s economy. The meeting also focused on the importance of training and employing local labor, instead of depending on foreign markets. Abdul Hakeem Mahmoud Al-Hind of the Lower House Tourism and Heritage Committee called for legislation to protect and regulate the rights of workers to safeguard the interests of Jordan’s tourism sector

The Minister of Tourism shed light on the sector’s significant role as a driver of the country’s economic growth. He said about 54,000 individuals are employed directly or indirectly in the tourism industry. With its rich history, archaeological wonders and enchanting landscapes, Jordan has long been a sought-after tourist destination. But like other countries worldwide, it suffered a setback because of the pandemic as international travel restrictions and health concerns kept tourists away. 

Ahmad Awad, Jordanian economist, said the country is suffering from a double deficit. He explained that Jordan’s budget led to increased indebtedness, wherein more debt means less stability. Awad believes the surge in tourism will have a positive impact on the economy, as it will bring in foreign currency. 

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Now, Jordan is working on a strategic plan to revitalize tourism in the country. The campaign will harness the power of digital platforms to showcase Jordan’s unique attractions and encourage potential visitors. It will leverage social media, online advertising, and engaging content for a strong online presence to generate interest in the Kingdom’s tourism offerings.




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