Kuwait Reacts To Alleged Islamophobia With Indian Goods Boycott


Kuwait KuwaitThe Prophet Mohammed remarks has left one of India’s prominent political parties embarrassed. But more so, it has hurt the sentiments of many Middle Eastern nations leading to economic setbacks too. Kuwait for example has decided to show its distaste by taking off all Indian made merchandise from its leading departmental stores.

Nupur Sharma, the official spokesperson for the Saffron aka Bharitya Janta Party has since then been suspended for a period of six years. Meanwhile, things have heated up with other Middle Eastern nations like Saudi Arabia, Qatar along with others in the region who have condemned the remarks.

From the non-Muslim side, the Dutch MP Geert Wilders has supported Ms. Sharma on her comments. But the Iranian government has also summoned its ambassador to India and this is getting worst than expected for India to handle, who accepts that its relationships with Middle Eastern nations is extremely important. Ms. Sharma has already received death threats and took to twitter to apologize and retract her statements, that she said she made in a fit of rage.

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In her remarks, she seemed to have made derogatory statements against prophet Mohammed and her younger wife. In a televised live interview, she said she had made those remarks from scriptures documented and not anything hurt anyone’s religious feelings. However, backlash has led to communal disharmony in India and disapproval amongst nations abroad.

At the supermarket just outside Kuwait City, sacks of rice and shelves of spices and chilies were covered with plastic sheets. Printed signs in Arabic read: “We have removed Indian products. We, as a Kuwaiti Muslim people, do not accept insulting the Prophet,” Nasser Al-Mutairi, CEO of the store, told media outlets. An official at the chain said a company-wide boycott was being considered.

Qatar has asked for an apology from India. Al-Azhar University, one of Islam’s most important institutions, said the comments were “the real terrorism” and “could plunge the entire world into deadly crisis and wars”.

The Saudi-based Muslim World League said the remarks could “incite hatred”, while Saudi Arabia’s General Presidency of the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque called them a “heinous act”.



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