LebElon? Lebanese pleading with Musk to buy their nation after his takeover of Twitter


Lebanon LebanonElon Musk, the eccentric entrepreneur, random tweeter, and Tesla CEO, acquired his favorite social media network, Twitter, for $44 billion this week – about the same amount as Jordan’s GDP.

Musk’s desire to “rescue” Twitter and, as he sees it, free expression has inspired several Lebanese citizens, who have asked Musk to consider purchasing their nation. They say that if Musk can overhaul the electric vehicle sector and try to shake up social media, he can certainly save Lebanon. Many in Lebanon wonder if the situation in their nation could be much worse, even if he can’t and fails miserably, as some pundits predict would happen with Twitter.

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Some detractors claim Musk is reckless and impetuous, and that he acquired Twitter on the spur of the moment. That is just not the case; the move was well planned. He’d been thinking about it for more than four years at this point. He turned to Twitter in December 2017 to express his appreciation for the platform, and when a user recommended he buy it, he inquired about the price. This month, Musk decided to make his move regardless of whether or not the platform was for sale.

Ukraine’s minister of digital transformation requested on Twitter in February that Musk make his satellite internet system, Starlink, available in the country. “Starlink service is currently live in Ukraine,” Musk responded within 24 hours. “More terminals are on the way.” It remains to be seen whether and how he would respond to certain Lebanese citizens’ pleas that he purchase their nation.



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