Libya, UNSMIL convenes the LPDF in Switzerland for the vote of the new executive


The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) convened today in Geneve, Switzerland, the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum for the voting process of the new temporary unified executive. The new Government for Libya will be announced in four days, February 5, 2021.

During this meeting, the Mission will invite all candidates to an interactive session with LPDF members to give them the opportunity to share their vision on the implementation of the Roadmap agreed by the LPDF, as well as to answer the questions posed by the participants. “In view of the interactive sessions with the candidates and in a spirit of transparency and inclusiveness, the Mission will conduct a digital dialogue with the Libyan public to collect the questions that will be presented to the candidates. These interactive sessions will be made available to the Libyan public.” UNSMIL explained in a note.

After the closing of the one-week period, on January 28, for the presentation of candidacies for executive authority positions, UNSMIL announced on Saturday January 30, 2021, the list of candidates for the positions of the new executive that will accompany Libya to the elections, scheduled by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) on January 24, 2021, the date on which Libyans celebrate the 1951 independence. The Mission expressed its sincere appreciation for the efforts of the review committee to evaluate candidate nominations in line with the eligibility criteria agreed bythe LPDFconsensus, in Tunis, last November.

All candidates have pledged to respect the roadmap established by the LPDF regarding the preparatory period that paves the way for the conduct of the national elections on December 24, 2021. The candidates also committed that, should they be selected for executive authority, will file a tax declaration with the relevant supervisory authority on their property inside and outside Libya, as well as those of their spouses and minor children.

UNSMIL also announced that the candidates have pledged not to appear in the elections at the end of the preparatory period and have signed a legally binding declaration confirming their compliance with the existing Libyan citizenship law. “Regarding candidates drawn by military or judicial authorities, the review committee has ruled that their candidacies should comply with existing Libyan laws and regulations.” The Mission added, stressing that these candidates fully comply with relevant laws and regulations regarding engagement in political activities or running for political office.

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Meanwhile, a coalition of armed groups from western Libya, the Western Region Force, which includes militias and gangs from Zawiya, Tripoli and the Western Mountain region, has publicly condemned the GNA Ministry of Interior “Snakes Hunting Operation” against illegal groups, traffickers of human beings, fuel and drugs. The coalition went to the capital Tripoli on Sunday, under the auspices of Zawiya’s member of parliament, Ali Busriba, to recite a statement in which it described the recent Bashagha operation as bogus, as it was aimed at pursuing political interests and contrary to Libyan sovereignty. The militia leader Muammar Al-Dawi, from Warshefana district, was also there.

The Western Forces statement indicated that after the meeting of municipalities, members of Parliament and the State Council in the city of Gabu, it was decided to unify all military battalions in the western region, resolve all previous disputes, open all routes between cities, fight terrorism, crime, smuggling and illegal immigration and bring all displaced people back to their homes in the western region. The group asked the Presidential Council to integrate all fighters who participated in the operations “Vulcan of anger” in military and security institutions, according to the regulations and laws in force.

Those Western “forces” believe that the current disputes in Libya are the result of the UNSMIL outputs. They accused the Mission of not choosing consensual figures capable of resolving the crisis, and have called for a clear roadmap in achieving stability and security, essential to conduct the elections on 24 December. The coalition has already made it known that it will reject any non-consensual result in the next phase. The Western Region Force Union finally invited the Prime Minister to communicate with all Council members to form a new consensus government until the elections.



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