Gulf States must be part of any Iran nuclear deal, GCC Chef


The Chef of the Gulf Cooperation Council has suggested that all stakeholders in the Iran nuclear deal, including the Gulf States, should be part of the Iran nuclear deal. He called on the Gulf States to reconsider their stance on Iran’s nuclear program. This could mean that the countries in the Middle East have the opportunity to pressure the major powers to participate in the agreement, as any weapons acquired by Iran endanger the security of these countries.

Nayef al-Hajraf stressed that regional security is paramount for all parties. Therefore, there should be no agreement on regional security regardless of the views of all countries, and we are the most important leaders in this regard.Iran continues to enrich uranium and enrich is’s nuclear program, and has promised to continue. Meanwhile, major powers and the United States have imposed a series of sanctions. But researches show that Iran has increased its nuclear program even under the sanctions.

This poses a threat to the security of the region, and is also a source of concern for major powers, particularly the United States, which has a particular animosity with Iran. Israel and Saudi Arabia have always opposed Iran acquiring nuclear weapons because they know they are Iran’s number one target.Al-Hajraf said the GCC has legal fears over Iran’s nuclear deal signed in 2015. With that deal withdrawn by Trump, Iran has instead begun to develop its nuclear program. Al Hajraf said they needed a genuine political will on the issue, and suggested that the parties, including the Gulf States, come up with a follow-up plan to limit Iran’s nuclear program.

Al-Hajraf’s comments on the deal came a day after French President Emmanuel Macron told that Gulf state should be part of the any new Iran nuclear talks, particularly Saudi Arabia. Macron said there should be no repeat of the mistake made in 2015, and that anyone interested in the deal, such as the Gulf States, should be part of the deal. Macron says Iran’s nuclear deal needs to be strict this time around.Iranian officials, responding to Macron’s remarks, said the deal was non-negotiable and the parties would not be changed. The agreement is clear and the parties cannot be changed, Iran insisted, according to Iranian news. Khatibzadeh has called for the resumption of the nuclear deal and for the lifting of all sanctions imposed on Tehran under former US President Donald Trump.



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