Mass Massacre Of 2013 Unearthed In Syria


Syria SyriaGhosts of Tadamon in 2013 comes haunting the present in Damascus, as atrocities committed against civilians comes to light in investigations taken on by leading new agencies of Britain and America.

The 41 killings of civilians at the hands of mercenaries in the town of Tadamon of Damascus has come to light in an investigative exercise. In something of a show of what happened in the holocaust, these civilians were blindfolded, with their hands tied, shot one by one. They were brought to the edge of a freshly dug pit in the Damascus suburb of Tadamon and then bodies set to fire, piled one on top of the other.

It is the worst treatment of human beings one can possibly imagine. The massacre was carried off by Syrian militia that favours President Bashar Assad’s regime. The issue has come to light as an amateurish video was caught by investigative journalists. Shot by the killers themselves, the video was discovered by a militia recruit in the laptop of one of his seniors. Sickened by what he had seen, the rookie passed the video on to researchers, who later confronted one of the killers identified in the footage.

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Now being circulated online, HR activists and other journalists feel that this couldn’t be the only isolated case in Syria and that more might have been there are remain hidden. Throughout 2012 and 2013, pro-regime militias would shoot random passers-by at checkpoints in Tadamon, Yalda and the Yarmouk camp, and also gun down people in their homes. Bodies of the victims were often left to rot, according to local residents.

In 2011, when an uprising was witnessed in Syria, families wishing to escape have vanished without a trace. Literally all of these killed had no role to play in the uprising against the regime either. Most of the victims of the Tadamon massacre are yet to be publicly identified since their families, fearing further reprisals, are reluctant to come forward and acknowledge their relationship.



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