Is America Indulging In Presidential Malpractice By Initiating Nuclear Deal with Iran?


Iran IranAccording to Josh Block, an adjunct fellow at Hudson Institute, a foreign policy scholar and political strategist, American action towards Iran is not going to solve the deep -rooted problem. In his opinion, allowing and mediating the nuclear deal that was left defunct in Trump’s presidency is going to create problems of huge proportions.

Block has called it ‘presidential malpractice’ of all things. He might be seconding a growing concern that indeed, America might become instrumental in creating a nuclear arms alliance of Russia, China, Iran & North Korea, stretching across Asia and the Middle East, into the heart of Europe and capable of striking the American Homeland.

Biden’s decision to resurrect the nuclear deal with Iran is doing nothing more but paving the way for more nuclear power to come forth. Iran has been known to hold accounts in many western countries, through which it has provided funding for terrorist activities worldwide.

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It has used the same method to have accounts in other Middle Eastern countries and used them to create proxy fund funnels that can provide for terror funding to its entities like Houthis, Hamas, Hezbollah.

‘If the United States wants to preserve the stability of the Western World, freedom of thought and speech, open sea lanes and free trade, while shortening the conflict in Europe and protecting Taiwan, the US should immediacy destroy Iran’s nuclear and military infrastructure. Failing to end the Iranian nuclear threat while understanding the gravity of the threat the New Axis poses,’ adds Block.

Sanctioning Iran and keeping its movements into check is therefore important for America, instead of leaving it as a loose cannon. It is worth noting that other countries are feeling a growing threat from China too as much as North Korea. So, America is working out joint military exercises with South Korea. Meanwhile, China is also joining forces with Russia on the same lines. There is formidable power building up, and America has to ‘not’ get into a comfort zone with Iran, if it doesn’t want to the one who helped start a nuclear war.



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