Minecraft Releases An April Fools’ Day 2023 Update


April 1—also known as April Fools Day—has gradually evolved into a day when businesses and organizations may have fun and fool their audiences about whatever product they are promoting.

In the video game industry, many producers include amusing practical jokes that make the experience goofy, like the hilarious voice lines in Overwatch 2 or the free Sonic murder investigation game from SEGA.

The April 1 Snapshot update from the Minecraft developer firm Mojang now features a random voting function that can erratically change the environment in which players are placed.

On the April 1 update for MinecraftOn the official Minecraft website, Mojang released a Snapshot 23w13a announcing the update. “Humans make 35,000 judgments a day.

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That quantity of decisions is both distressing and, frankly, awful,” the news article stated. You might choose to do these things in Minecraft! ”

As a result, the design team added a voting system that PC users can activate by hitting the “V” key. When using this Snapshot to create new worlds, a prompt with the text “Started voting for Proposal” will occur approximately every 30 seconds.

The game will then generate a random prompt that players can vote to implement when they open the voting option. One question might be “Adjust pitch of all sounds by 149%” or “Set sky color in The Void to sapphire,” for instance.

Fans have already discovered some bizarre voting options, such as the “Midas Touch,” which converts everything the player touches into gold, and the “French Mode,” which alters the language and gives the player’s avatar a beret and a baguette.

The 23w13a Snapshot not only adds a ton of exciting new voting options, but also a ton of brand-new game features like Mob Potions and a Moon Dimension.

With the April 1, 2023 update to Minecraft, it appears Mojang really went all out in terms of April Fools’ jokes. Those that are interested should absolutely log on and give it a try.



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