Pink protests against Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel


Yesterday Netanyahu went to court for the second time since the opening, on May 23, of the trial that sees him accused of fraud, abuse of power, and corruption in three cases. The premier was in the courtroom for the few minutes needed to pronounce himself innocent in front of the judges. His defense raised objections aimed at postponing the start of the trial phase, hoping that it will take place after the March 23 elections, the fourth in less than two years.

If this is the case, Netanyahu will be able to concentrate fully on the umpteenth battle to keep the position of prime minister, from which he has not separated for 11 years, and now more decisive than ever, because in Israel only the premier enjoys immunity in the case of an indictment. Still leading the polls, he is betting on the vaccination campaign success, with 40% of the population received already the second dose and of normalization with four Arab countries in six months.

Netanyahu asked people not to demonstrate in front of the court, “for your health”. But the irreducible demonstrators who have been protesting every week in front of his residence for almost a year, were waiting for him in front the court. But the lifeblood came with the pandemic, when the square became the aggregator of countless acronyms created to challenge Covid management, corruption, lack of transparency, disconnected leadership, to name some of the slogans of the Saturday appointment sera, which gathered 20,000 people at the peak of its success.

The hardcore is the “Crime Minister” movement, born with the investigations’ opening against the premier. With the theatres neutralized by Covid, the culture has moved to the square, animated by the extravagant performances of the “Pink Front”. Many Pink Front members, in fact, are artists and performers, a community that has been hit hard by anti-Covid-19 lockdowns.The new movement is becoming a political party born in the streets against Netanyahu. Many are ready to bet that the sympathies of the Arabs – not many to tell the truth – will not be enough for the Prime Minister to reconfirm himself at the helm of the Jewish state, just as they did not save President Donald Trump.



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