Iran Exit From Iraq Depends On High Election Turnout: A Report


Iraq IraqIran is not calling the shots in Iraq anymore; reports pour in as a unanimous backlash against Tehran is pouring onto the social media. Iraq is getting ready for elections on October 10. The population has awakened to the long-stayed exploitation and how Iran has repeatedly used Iraq to promote its agenda without thinking of the betterment of the latter.

Iran has been using Iraq to further its agenda to power control through various means. Military power has been its main power use. The intent has been to build-up its influence across the Shia Crescent of power in the Middle East – Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

Recently, Iran got Iraq into a oil deal with Lebanon. On the face of it, Iran kept out of it due to its own sanctions, but Iraqi oil is of no use to Lebanon, informed the Energy Minist er, Raymond Ghajar, openly in February 2021, where he admitted candidly that Iraq’s heavy fuel does not match Lebanon’s specific needs. This fuel will further be sold ahead and will only help Iraq offload its surplus. But Lebanon intends to resell the Iraqi fuel and use the proceeds to buy spot cargoes of a fuel that does meet its specifications. So, who is helping who here, is a big question.

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Iraqi are finally getting to see how Iran has been using it as a dumping ground for its military equipment or a hideout for its militant support it caters to across the world. Internal protests raged in November 2019 when furious demonstrations were reported against Iranian presence and the consulate was burnt down. People asked for a change in regime, straight. The understanding of political corruption has also become evident amongst the younger lot.

In Iraq’s parliament too, political parties with deep ties to the Islamic republic have formed powerful blocs with major influence in past governments.  The elections are being seen as the fair chance to oust Irani influence in Iraq. The challenge faced is by pro-Iranian factions that create a backdoor influence and enter the parliament without a fair chance in elections. Unless this can be curbed, political analysts feel, Iraq has a tough battle at its hand to get rid of the parasitical Iraq. This will also depend on a healthy turnout for voting that has been diminishing since 2003.



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