Progress made on talks over Afghanistan airports with Qatar, Turkey


Afghanistan AfghanistanThe Taliban-led government in Afghanistan has reached an agreement with a joint Qatari and Turkish venture on the details of aviation security. The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation said that the officials discussed the management of five airports in the war-torn nation.

Imamuddin Ahmadi, the spokesman for the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, said, “The talks are still ongoing and we are moving in a positive direction.” The Qatari Foreign Ministry announced that the officials have agreed on several important issues for the operation of Kabul Airport. The meeting was held between Turkey, Qatar, and Taliban members in Doha on Thursday. The Foreign Ministry of Qatar did not reveal further details of the meeting.

Mohammad Qasem Wafayeezada on meeting

The former chairman of the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA), Mohammad Qasem Wafayeezada, asked the Islamic Emirate to prepare the agreement in such a way that it provides a fair basis to Qatari and Turkish companies for the operation of domestic companies.

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Since the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban in August 2021, regular commercial flights have been suspended in the country. The situation at the Kabul airport was brutally affected since the Taliban fighters raided Kabul. Ghulam Masum Masumi, the air traffic expert, said that the Aviation services at Kabul Airport by international companies will have a positive impact on the resumption of flights. Four other airports of Afghanistan will also be operated under the agreement between the members. The operation of five airports will help the economy of the country.

Kabul International Airport

Earlier, the Qatari technical team repaired Kabul International Airport after the United States (US) withdrew people in August. United States President Joe Biden sent troops to Kabul in August. Reportedly, many people wanted to leave the country at that time. Many people including Afghans were afraid of the Taliban fighters at that time.



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