America Tries To Convince Qatar To Supply Gas To Europe To Get Back At Russia


United States United StatesThe United States is gradually garnering support from energy wealthy countries in order to ensure that Europe can support its action of sanctions against Russia, in case Kremlin is serious about attacking Ukraine.

President Joe Biden was in discussions with Qatar for example asking them if they would divert their natural gas to Europe. The latter is heavily dependent on Russia to meet their energy needs. Russia currently supplies around a third of Europe’s gas. Kremlin has denied any plans of attacking Ukraine but has still stationed close to 120,000 troops near its neighbour.

Political sources claim that Russia has already issued passports to the nearest town to the border where the troops are stationed. It has (in a way) already for its foothold into the country. Europe is heavily dependent on Russia to meet its energy needs. Further, the Stream- Nord-2 project through the Baltic Sea is another huge energy giver for Germany to start with. In January 2021, European liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports hit a record high at 11.8 bcm, compared with a previous record in November 2019 of around 9 bcm. Nearly 45% of the LNG imports were from the United States.

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In comparison, Qatar has functioned on long term contracts with countries like Japan and China. Its existing infrastructures support supply close to 80-90percent. At the best, they will look at diverting merely 10percent of their capacity. But that could mean setting up new infrastructure for transportation; something that could take more time.

Qatar is world’s top natural gas producer as of now. So, for Europe to benefit from them, would mean a long wait. According to Platts Analytics, even after Russian flows continue, European stocks are going nowhere by down; near record were low at the end of winter, leaving little scope to absorb a further supply shock. America doesn’t seem to have any other card up its sleeve except to probably support Ukraine will additional military support, if a push comes to a shove.



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