Qatari Plans Of Second Arab Spring Crushed


In a strange tactic of creating a wave of unrest and public upheaval in tune with the previous ‘Arab Spring’ saga, Qatar is being implicated of using the social media and blogging fraternity for fueling yet another Arab Spring kind of upheavalIt is now being confirmed that Doha has been feeding the influencers in Gulf States to orchestrate a similar anti-government uprising that rocked the Arab world in the 2010. It started in December 2010 and continued till December 2012.

The outcry was of common man against oppressive regime and low standards of living. Apparently, Qatar was found to play a significant role at that time, acting as an indirect instigator of violence and upheaval in various parts of the Middle East. Its role in Kuwait was significant as it got support from the Muslim Brotherhood later leading to its expulsion from the quartet.

Still using Kuwait as its hub, there have been indications that influencers have been used to create sense of mistrust amongst the people for their respective governments, all prompted and funded by Doha. There are indications of disruptive networks in work which were recently intercepted and destroyed by Kuwaiti security forces, which have recently realised that their fair play with Qatar has not yielded them expected results.

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As a prelude to the second Arab Spring, Qatar financed the existing of a shadow economy in Kuwait which continued to sign fictitious contracts accumulating wealth. These entities were also following up with fake campaigns and promotions which would have led to the collapse of the real economy after all. Most of the influencers were not aware of the implications of their actions.

They were called and entertained in Doha to set up fictitious social media accounts and companies. They were asked to carry campaigns and spend millions in advertising campaigns to show authenticity.

Qatar has repeatedly made use of its financial power to influence and lure PR in Britain and the US, while trying to win trust and favor from the social media and create unrest in Middle East as well. It continues to deny any wrong doing in terror financing either, a major reason why it was removed from quartet in the first place in 2010.The trade ban continues to try and isolate this rich natural gas rich Arab country, which refuses to be ignored.



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