Racist Outpour On Palestinians Might Cost Israel Its Coalition Government


Palestine PalestineThe holy month of Ramadan has not gone as expected for Jerusalem, with Israeli forces having attacked more Palestinians than anyone. Last week, there was unfortunate police clashes with Palestinians in the Al-Aqsa compound, including inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

This has drawn strong condemnation from Muslim countries. Some 150 people were wounded during those clashes. Besides this, elderly who had come to offer prayers were manhandled by Israeli forces. The police personnel seemed to be out to attack Palestinians only and didn’t let ambulances enter the premises to aid the injured.

The act of some young boys who were protesting from the annexed part of Jerusalem seemed to have given the right to the Israeli forced to mete injustice and violence on the rest of those who had come to offer peaceful prayer. The day marked celebrations of three different faiths and has left a bad taste in the mouth of all.

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Amidst all this havoc being thrown at Palestinians, there are others who are taking great advantage of the situation. Zionist extremists have been raising tensions further with a campaign to conduct animal sacrifices at this holy site, an offensively provocative move widely described as a “direct assault” upon Muslims. This comes after months of extremist settlers aggressively seeking to increase their access to the site, which they previously had not been allowed to approach. Elsewhere in Jerusalem, settlers have continued to violently reinforce their presence and forcibly steal homes in Palestinian areas. Essentially, there are just too many elements at work. But the ones to bear the brunt is unfortunately the Palestinians.

The message going across in Israel is not a positive one. The small Islamist party in Israel has stepped out of the coalition government. United Arab List party, known in Hebrew as Ra’am, did not advocate for the weekend violence that erupted at the Jerusalem holy site between security forces and Muslims. The police said they had arrested 18 Palestinians, and Public Security Minister Omer Bar-Lev said Israel would “act strongly against anyone who dares to use terrorism against Israeli citizens”. There were no Israeli casualties or arrest.

Bennett had said that the security forces “continue to receive a free hand… for any action that will provide security to the citizens of Israel”, while stressing every effort should be made to allow members of all religions to worship in Jerusalem. No wonder, in response, King Abdullah II of Jordan on Sunday called on Israel to “stop all illegal and provocative measures” that drive “further aggravation.” The world isn’t going to support this and Israel needs to come in terms with it.



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