Rayan: Moroccan rescuers get closer to the child who has been trapped in a well for days


Morocco MoroccoRescuers are nearing the end of their search for a five-year-old kid who fell down a deep well in Morocco. They labored all night to find the youngster, called Rayan by local media, who fell 32 meters (104 feet) down the well’s small mouth four days ago.

Rescuers stated they were less than a meter away from the kid in an access tunnel. The effort has been made more difficult by fears of a landslide. A member of the rescue team was unsure. Rayan had survived. Abdelhadi Tamrani, the chief rescuer, told AFP that the camera caught him laying on his side from behind. “At this point, it is impossible to establish the child’s condition. However, we pray to God that the child is still alive “He informed a local television station.

The youngster was alive and alert on Thursday, according to footage from a camera dropped into the well, albeit he looked to be suffering from mild head injuries. Rescuers lowered an oxygen mask, food, and water down the well, but it was unclear if the youngster was able to utilize them. A medical crew has also arrived on the scene, preparing to treat the youngster. In addition, a helicopter has arrived on the site. For days, the North African country has been captivated by the rescue operation, with thousands of people gathering at the location to cheer on the rescuers.

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Because of the rocky and sandy soils, rescuers believe it is too perilous to open the water well’s tiny shaft. Bulldozers were utilized instead. “We’re getting there,” said Abdesalam Makoudi, one of the operation’s commanders, on Friday afternoon. “We’ve been working nonstop for three days and fatigue is setting in, but the rescue squad as a whole is hanging in there.” Rescue operations in the tiny northern hamlet of Tamorot, around 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the capital of Chefchaouen, have been continuing since Tuesday evening, led by Morocco’s Civil Protection Directorate. At the time of the disaster, Rayan’s father was fixing the well, and he and Rayan’s mother were “devastated and very frightened,” according to Rayan’s father.

“The small one fell down the well in that split second when I moved my gaze away from him. I haven’t had a wink of sleep in days “On Wednesday, he told the news site le360. Rayan’s mother, speaking to Moroccan media with tears in her eyes, said: “The entire family rushed out in search of him. We then realized he’d fallen into the well. I’m still holding out hope that we’ll be able to save him.” Thousands of Moroccans have been following developments from local media and observers at the site on social media, with the hashtag #SaveRayan trending across the country.

The President of the Chefchaouen Association of Caving and Mountain Activities, Mohamed Yassin El Quahabi, has been assisting with the rescue and told the BBC that the well’s narrowness has delayed rescue operations. Local volunteers and rescue personnel have already tried and failed to get entry through the well’s opening, he said. Mr El Quahabi explained, “The challenge with this rescue is that the hole diameter is very, very small, roughly 25cm (9.8 inches).” “At a depth of 28 metres, it got too tiny for us to approach him,” says the diver.

“The closer we approach, the hole grows narrower and harder to get through – which makes it very difficult to save the youngster through volunteers,” one member of the rescue squad stated. As a result, we had to devise a new strategy, which was to dig.” Authorities are afraid, however, that any tampering with the well may inadvertently harm the five-year-old by causing a landslide.



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