Rishi Sunak Adamant to Send UK Asylum Seekers to Rwanda

rishi sunak

Despite the top court rejecting the UK government’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is tryingto finalize a new pact with the east African country. The government is drawing up a new treaty with Rwanda.

Sunak said if need arises, the British government if necessary was prepared to revisit their domestic legal frameworks. “The government has been working already on a new treaty with Rwanda and we will finalize that in light of today’s judgment.” He vowed he would not allow a foreign court to block these flights.

The prime minister’s spokesperson said they had been planning alternatives to the Rwanda deportation policy before the Supreme Court judgment.

Rishi Sunak Under Pressure

The court’s ruling has put Sunak under more pressure following his decision to reshuffle the cabinet and sack Suella Braverman. The axed Home Secretary had a harsh stance on migrants calling uncontrolled and irregular migration an existential challenge to the West. She said the arrivals are straining Britain’s public finances and housing supply, and bring threats to public safety because of heightened levels of criminality connected to small boat arrivals.

Lee Anderson, deputy chair of the Tory party, told Sunak to get the planes in the air and send illegal immigrants to Rwanda. He believes the government should essentially ignore their international obligations and send flights to Rwanda anyway. “I’ve said it from day one, when you get to this country on a boat you are breaking the law, you are breaking into this country. There is a reason that every person in this room shuts their back door at night time and locks it, it’s because you don’t want intruders coming in there.”

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New Treaty for Rwanda

The UK prime minister is determined to go ahead with the Rwanda plan. He said he would do whatever it takes. Sunak unveiled plans for a new treaty but admitted that the government could still face challenges in Strasbourg.

He warned of challenges in the European Convention on Human Rights, saying the UK is prepared to revisit those international relationships to remove the obstacles. “So let me tell everybody now, I will not allow a foreign court to block these flights.”

Sunak also announced emergency legislation to declare Rwanda safe.



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