Russia-Turkey finally call it quits after leaders meet to discuss their future


Turkey TurkeyNine months ago, it seemed that relations between Russia and Turkey had reached a roadblock and there is no way things could work out between them but as the recent developments go, the leaders of the two nations have met to sort out the difference. Both are extremely strong headed nations and considering their background, there were efforts to bring them into a similar path but these efforts went in vain as they continue to take a stance against each other.

But on Wednesday, there seems hope that with the meeting of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin things may improve between them. Details about their meeting and the talking points have not yet been disclosed but one thing that the experts have pointed out is that now both the leaders have agreed to disagree on various fronts.

Last few years have seen the two nations standing against each other in proxy wars, which has created rift between them. But as of Wednesday, the two nations have agreed that the fight has no end and if it continues, it will only further damage the situation in other countries.

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They reportedly discussed their involvement in countries like Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Libya and also talked about the anti-missile batteries and new natural gas deals. It was a very crucial meeting from the regional aspect as their dominating behaviour towards land ownership is creating a lot of rift between them which is also hampering regional peace.

There are various topics that the two ;leaders discussed but the most important was their backing of different sides in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib, which is resulting in violence and instability. Russia backs the Syrian government forces while the Turkish leader has openly supported rebels.

The neverending tussel of power is becoming a hurdle for Syria to get back on its feet. Turkey is the only reason why the Syrian government has not fully gained the confidence of the United States and other western countries.

Anakar has actively spoken against the Assad rule and made western nations believe in the brutality of the Assad government. Russia on the other hand, is in favour of the government and like many say, this majorly due to the US influence on the nation.
Another key issue here is Ukraine. In recent times, Turkey has been increasingly supporting Russia, which has once agains made the two nations lock horns with each other. In any case, Turkey can not afford losing Russia as its partner and one of the biggest reasons for this is military equipment.

Russia has made Turkey’s military dreams possible and when Ankara is aware that it still needs to get its hands on Russian-made air defense systems and new natural gas contracts, it will not be taking any chances with the Putin government. Erdogan will be promoting negotiations and in fact he might even suggest no movement from the rebel sides in Syria for a while but that would in no way mean that he will be accepting his defeat in the matter.

Erdogan is looking to rectify his piled fregn relations and Russia will play a major role here. Let’s see what the future holds for these two countries but a sof now, their relations may look stable on paper. border



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