Khartoum protesters on civil unrest in Sudan


Sudan SudanIn the recent civil unrest it was evident that critical tensions have rose between civilians and generals in the transitional government. They are increasing since Sudan’s interim authorities last week said they foiled a coup attempt within the military. Thousands of Sudanese rallied in the capital of Khartoum have demanded the transitional government and accused the generals in power of derailing the transition to democracy. Security forces fired tear gas as protesters neared a central street housing government headquarters.

During the protest, people were chanting that the army is Sudan’s army, not Burhan’s army. One of the protesters mentioned that they came to block any coup and achieve civilian rule we will not allow the military to control our revolution.

Sudan has been ruled by an interim, joint civilian-military government since 2019. The military ousted longtime autocrat Omar al-Bashir in April that year. This has been going on since four months of mass protests against his rule. Months after al-Bashir’s toppling, the ruling generals agreed to share power with civilians representing the protest movement.

At one point civilian officials greeted the demonstrators, the security forces reacted harshly but at another hand firing tear gas at crowds to break up the protests. However, the measures had little effect in dispersing the masses, and people continued to shout slogans against the military. 

The objective of these marches is to protect Sudan’s democratic transition and there is no way to achieve that without ending any partnership with the military council. Although, Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, blamed remnants of al-Bashir’s government for the coup attempt, describing it as an effort to undermine Sudan’s democratic transition.



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