Is Turkey Ready for Another Civil War Over ‘Safe Zone’?


Turkey TurkeyThe so-called safe zone that is being proposed by the Turkey for the northern part of Syria is far from being one, according to political analysts. There is terrible racism at play where Syrians are actually being attacked by Turks.

The streets of Syria are reverberating with cries for justice as a 70-year-old woman lost her life to hate crime. ‘Stand with Laila’ and ‘Fight racism’ are the new hashtags which bring forth the truth that Syrians are troubled by internal strife of different proportions all together.

Turkey intends to build a safe zone of 30kms on its border. The intend is to get rid of insurgence of Syrians repeatedly from the border area. Turkey has now consistently become intolerant about increasing Syrian refugee numbers and has been seeking ways to push them back into their land.

Turkey is also of the mind that with this safe zone, it will somewhere tackle its anger and frustration against the existence of Syrian-Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG) forces.

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In 2019, there was a ceasefire and an agreement with Russia, another participant in Syria’s complex war, that would help push the Kurds away from Turkish borders. The two countries agreed that Russian military police and Syrian border guards would patrol the border areas to control the Kurdish presence there. Although the US warned against any escalation on the border that could undermine regional security, Turkey made it clear it is adamant to protect its own national security.

Turkey earlier pressured EU over leaving the floodgates open to get rid of increasing surge of migrants. It is now threatening on an insurgence to eliminate YPG and create the safe zone. Meanwhile, YPGs have continued to feel marginalized and under pressure from internal forces. Feeling marginalized and taking US into confidence, they have gradually developed a stronghold over most oil rich parts of Syria.

Getting rid of the miss is not going to be easy. Offensive against them, could have its own repercussions. For starters, the offensive itself could well create a new wave of refugees and spur further displacement. This happened before, when at least 100,000 Syrians were displaced to other parts of the country from Afrin during a previous Turkish offensive.



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