Saudi king calls for Comprehensive Solution on Iran


Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz has called for a UN solution to the Iran crisis. The king called on Iran to stop arming Hezbollah, and called on the United States to support the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian talks.

Speaking at the 193 member General Assembly meeting, the king stressed that they had good experience with the Iranian dictatorship. He said Iran had not stopped on its threat on international peace and security, by dealing it partial agreements and appeasements.
Saudi Arabia and Iran have been at loggerheads over regional politics.

Saudi Arabia leads a joint force fighting in Yemen, while Iran is arming Houthi fighters in Yemen. Iran wants to seize control of the region politically through proxy wars and terrorism, and has repeatedly attacked Saudi oil facilities. Iran accused Saudi Arabia of being a traitor to the United States, their number one enemy.

The Saudi leader said the Middle East was facing a difficult political and security situation, and accused Iran of being responsible for problems in the Middle East. He also publicly accused Iran of supporting militant organization Hosbollah a threat to peace in the Middle East and suspected to be behind the bombings last month in Lebanon.

The king has accused Iran of violating a 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. It continues its dictatorship and sabotage in the Middle East through terrorism. This has exacerbated the situation in the Middle East.In 2018, the United States suspended a nuclear deal with Iran. He said it was the most terrible deal in the history. Since then, Trump has imposed a series of sanctions on Iran, calling on the international community to impose international sanctions on Iran, in a bid to push Iran into a new nuclear deal.

King Salman did not elaborate on the recent diplomatic agreements between Israel and Bahrain, but suggested an atmosphere of reconciliation between Israel and Palestine.The king said any agreement and solution to mediate between Israel and Palestine is based on the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative which supports the Palestinians in gaining an independent state in northern Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Palestinian leaders have called the agreement between Bahrain and Israel a betrayal of the Palestinian independence. We support the United States would lead to a lasting peace in the Middle East, with Israel and Palestine as they worked with the negotiating table and reach lasting solutions.



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