SDF Calls on People to Join Resistance Against Turkey

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Enraged by Turkish forces eliminating high-ranking PKK terrorist in northern Iraq, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has called on the people of Rojava to join the resistance against Turkey

Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) neutralized Mehmet Sefa Akman, code-named Bahoz Zagros on Tuesday. The militant, who served in PKK’s Self-Defense Unit, was preparing to attack on the Turkish Armed Forces. He was responsible for organizing PKK activity in northern part of Iraq.

The Turkish forces ramped up actions in Rojava after the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) killed 12 Turkish soldiers in Kurdistan Region’s mountainous areas. In retaliation, the Turkish forces conducted strikes on 25 service facilities, resulting in the death of eight civilians.

SDF Vows Action

The SDF called on the people of Rojava to act with awareness and responsibility. “In the face of all these attacks, it is imperative for our people in northern and eastern Syria to swiftly exhibit immediate responses in self-defense. They should proactively work to solidify the structure and resilience of their organization at the highest levels.”

The Syrian Democratic Front urged the people to refrain from relying solely on external protection and to actively join the ranks of the Kurdish-led force. Moreover, it called on the global coalition against the Islamic State and Russia to break their silence regarding the escalation in Turkish strikes.

Over the years, Turkish forces managed to push the PKK to near extinction with Operation Claw-Lock in April 2022. But the group has now gained foothold in northern Iraq. It threatens local residents with its occupation of Sinjar, Makhmour, Qandil and Sulaymaniyah.

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Turkey Warns SDF, PKK

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey will not allow terror groups in northern Iraq and Syria to stop the country from its path. “We will neither allow terror barons in Qandil and Syria, nor those who hold the reins of these traitors, to stop us from our path. We will absolutely not allow any harm to the brotherhood of 85 million.”

Erdogan said the old Turkey, where politics was shaped by terrorism, is now a thing of the past. “We know your ambitions we know exactly who you are. As long as our lives permit and with the unwavering support of our esteemed nation, we will continue to fight you.”



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