Severe Global crisis to take place as governing bodies let power rule over people

Each country has a representative that also leads the nation and takes care of affairs to bring order to the happenings. Similarly, at world level, certain bodies are responsible for observing harmony and power balance. But with the United States showing political superiority, China enjoying its wealth with a communism oriented manufacturing sector, questions about power balance rise. Do you think the world is heading towards where it was promised 20 years ago?

There is a lack of representation of people from every sphere of life making it all the more difficult to expect a just treatment. Society was supposed to become more cautious about its actions and provide a platform to each one of us for the necessary representation needed by our communities. Did you see this happening in recent years though?

If you analyse the power control, you will find the west to be dominating here. Whether it is the rest of the world handing over control to the western civilisation or they themselves stepping up to take the call, there is no balance when it comes to regional politics.

The policies that have been made in the last few years show how the West has intelligently made liberal policies for intra-western relations while for the non-western world, they have stuck to realist policies. This is one of the major reasons why the world might be heading for a crisis and this includes the western countries as well.

The dreams they have shown, he promises they have broken, have started to come back at them. Be it in the form of terrorism or the economic challenges. In search of power, they went on to support countries resulting in proxy wars and the violence around the belt is an outcome of the western response.

They have compromised millions of lives just for regional power. Another very big reason for the growing concerns of the crisis is the nation-state model set up by the western powers. They have given birth to two main principles–territorial power and citizenship. There has been a certain complication in the×600.jpg” alt=”car-running”> Shares + Facebook0Tweet0Pin0LinkedIn0 Shares + Facebook0Tweet0Pin0LinkedIn0 Shares + Facebook0Tweet0Pin0LinkedIn0

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By Ashley Graham on-state model which is resulting in a rising number of conflicts.

Another conflict with nation-state power is that it always loses against a bigger super national political or national power such as the European Union. The EU may claim to be bias free but given the intensity of its actions and its tie ups, it is clear that there is a sense of bias that it has for the European countries. To balance, the top executives of the politics of the world have come up with the United Nations. But is it okay to trust the UN and its other branches? There is no clear answer to this.

To prove its independence, the UN formed a number of organisations such as the World Trade Organisation and the UNESCO and many more but there still seems to be clouds of doubt on the independence of the UN. In many countries, the UN has failed to show its support and help the people it promises to protect. In the cases of countries like Palestine, Rwanda, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, it has failed to take a stand and its inaction during the international crisis has led to people sacrificing their lives.

It is to be noted that the main governing body of the United Nations is the UN security council which has five permanent members. The body, since its formation, has been focusing on the interests of these five nations. These aspects make the UN very ineffective and irrelevant in the real-time context.

Who is governing the world? WHo have we handed over the steering wheel? Is the driver really worthy? The lack of a clear picture here is the reason why there are suspicions about the future of the world. If representation is not provided at the top level, if things are not called out soon, there is not much time left for us to enter an absolute crisis both politically and environmentally.



Roshan Amiri is an advocate for the truth. He believes that it's important to speak out and fight for what's right, no matter what the cost. Amiri has dedicated his life to fighting for social justice and creating a better future for all.

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