Sudan Government blames pro-Bashir groups for the attack

Sudanese authorities reported a coup attempt today morning by a group of soldiers but said the attempt failed and that the country’s ruling council and military remain in control.

The development underscored the fragility of Sudan’s path to democracy, more than two years after the military’s overthrow of longtime autocrat Omar al-Bashir amid a public uprising against his three-decade rule.

Hamza Baloul, who is the information minister said the coup attempt was thwarted and those behind it brought under control. He assures the Sudanese people that order has been restored and the leaders of the attempted coup, both military and civilian, have been arrested and are being investigated. However, authorities are pursuing supporters of the defunct regime who participated in the coup attempt.

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Coming forward, the top military and government sources mentioned that the plotters had attempted to take over the state media building but failed and the officers involved were immediately suspended as well.

Baloul, who is also the government spokesman, said authorities were chasing others from the remnants of al-Bashir’s regime who were suspects in orchestrated the attempted coup.

Sudan has been on a fragile path to democratic rule since the military’s ouster of al-Bashir in April 2019, following four months of mass protests. The country is now ruled by a joint civilian and military government.

The transitional government has been under increasing pressure to end wars with rebel groups as it seeks to rehabilitate the country’s battered economy, attract much-needed foreign aid and deliver the democracy it promised. 



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