Brexit trade deal to receive EU’s approval in coming days

After several months of negotiations and missed deadlines, the United Kingdom and the European Union finally signed a historic post-Brexit trade deal on Thursday. EU


Egypt risks European sanctions for not cooperating with Italy

On Friday, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling for an independent and transparent investigation into all human rights violations in Egypt to ensure that


Russia and Turkey inflame anti-European sentiments

Communication plays an increasingly important role in the policies of each country and, above all, in geopolitics. Each country enjoys the support of public media


WHO Europe: Lockdown not needed, if 95% of people wore masks

As the European Union is grappling with a second wave of Coronavirus infections, governments started implementing new lockdown measures and tough social restrictions in October.

French President Emmanuel Macron
Middle East

Muslim Brotherhood’s role in growing extremism in France

After numerous terror attacks by the Muslim Brotherhood in France, French President Emmanuel Macron in his recent discourse expressed his concerns over it and stated

Middle East

Damascus attacks the European Council

Syria strongly condemned the European Council statement on the extension for another year of sanctions imposed on certain Syrian institutions and individuals under the pretext


Last round conflict between EU and Turkey

On Tuesday, the Turkish foreign minister furiously rejected the European Union’s requests to withdraw troops from north-eastern Syria, accusing EU countries of double standards and

Middle East

Turkey at it again, redeploys energy exploration vessels triggering tension in Mediterranean waters

Turkey has gone back on its word and triggered tensions in the contested Mediterranean waters near Greece. Ankara redeployed its energy vessel Oruç Reis, a


What the Europeans need to understand about Erdogan

While tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean need to be de-escalated, the Europeans mustn’t rush to sit down with Turkey at the negotiating table. Tukey’s belligerence


Borrell praises Egypt’s efforts to achieve peace in Libya

EU High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security Josep Borrell paid a visit to Cairo today, where he met Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry. The