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Afghanistan women: A country but no sense of belonging

On Wednesday, Amnesty International exposed how Qatar expelled migrant workers from the country using corona crisis as an excuse. The twenty detainees, interviewed by the

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Greece fears Turkey could be pushing corona infected illegal immigrants across the border

Turkey is apparently employing psychological warfare to corner Greece and pressurize the European Union to finalize a New Deal. The Greek government has put its

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Due to the rise in coronavirus cases, Turkey limits the export of medical equipment

On Thursday, Turkey decided in a meeting that the companies thinking of exporting medical equipment utilized for respiratory support will require consent from the administration

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“At least 50 people in Iran are infected every hour”, says Kianush Jahanpur

Quoting Iran’s health ministry spokesperson Kianush Jahanpur’s tweet, “Based on our information, in Iran every 10 minutes one person dies from the coronavirus and some

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Coronavirus: Iran death toll spikes to 1,284, and 18,407 infected, reports

On Thursday, the death toll in Iran from coronavirus episode jumped to 1,284, a health ministry official informed state TV, as the infected number reached