EXCLUSIVE: decisive days for Tunisia, Islamists ignite the media against President Kais Saied

The media campaigns of the Muslim Brotherhood are currently focusing on Tunisia. The President of the Republic, Kais Saied, has ten days left before the end of the suspension of Parliament and the election of a new Prime Minister. On 25 August, the head of state will have to decide whether to extend the rest of parliamentary activities or restart the work of the People’s Assembly under the leadership of Islamist leader Rachid Ghannouchi.

The Tunisian people have complete confidence in their president. “It’s not about being slow or lack of initiative; it’s about discretion.” Said Aida, a women’s rights activist with a career as an Olympic volleyball champion. “Kais Saied is slowly trying to break through the wall of corruption, silence, and malfeasance built over the last ten years. We all know that these people, businessmen, and politicians have a vast network, and the judiciary is trying to rebuild these contacts.”

Aida says discretion is essential as the Muslim Brotherhood has crept all over Tunisia. “They control banks, courts, universities, public companies, airports, police. If I were in the head of the state’s place, I would also be afraid of the people around him. Not the closest circle, but also simple collaborators”. Not surprisingly, Kais Saied yesterday changed the police and the National Guard’s command. An action considered extremely necessary to proceed against “friends of friends, brothers of brothers,” explains Aida. Although many deputies suspected of corruption managed to escape. In contrast, others resign from their positions, hoping for Saied’s clemency.

Tunisia is going through a particularly delicate phase. The next ten days will be decisive for destroying the wall of silence and corruption that collapsed the country. Meanwhile, the president seems to be taking time. He has lightened the partial fire cover and accelerated the vaccination campaign. Still, courageous choices are needed so that people do not fall into the trap of the Islamist media that today more than ever wave the spectre of dictatorship, asking with more and more insistence the appointment of a new Prime Minister in place of Hicham Mechichi.



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