EXCLUSIVE: 551,008 Tunisians vaccinated in one day, now people ask why not before?

The Ministry of Health of Tunis published a statement about the final results of the national vaccination day. Yesterday only, 551,008 Tunisians received their dose of vaccine against COVID-19 in the 335 centers organized by the army across the governorates of Tunisia.

Number of people vaccinated for governorates, Ministry of Health

We saw images of celebration and love for the army and police officers for their commitment to the homeland across the country. They accompanied the elderly and the disabled, making them rediscover pride and dignity in the face of the crisis. The day strongly desired by the Presidency of the Republic demonstrated the mismanagement of the executive fired by President Kais Saied, who appeared moved and determined in the center of the capital. The Tunisians demonstrated on Sunday that vaccinating half a million people in one day is possible if there is the will.

So, if it was not done before, it is only because they did not want to vaccinate. Tunisians understood they reached 20,000 deaths macabre toll due to incompetence and, above all, to the unwillingness to help and rescue people on the part of parliamentarians and members of the executive of Hicham Mechichi, supported by Rachid Ghannouchi and his Islamist party Ennhadha.

The joy and satisfaction at the end of this memorable Sunday now leave room for sadness, anger, and the demand for justice for those who have not acted while being able to save lives. The Tunisians realized today that the former officials of the Ministry of Health and, more precisely, of the anti-covid vaccination campaign have, in vain, left twenty thousand people to die, and they want to know why. President Kais Saied and the judiciary must ask Ghannouchi and his band of pipers why he played with the lives of men, women, and children. Because thousands of businesses have been closed, helpless waiting for answers from a corrupt government, not just incapable.

We would even believe that they did it on purpose, leaving people to their fate, attempting the famous and unsuccessful “herd immunity” practice. On Sunday, when Kaïs Saïed managed to break through this wall of bad faith and ill will, he was able to demonstrate, at the same time, that a good part of the twenty thousand Tunisians who died of covid died due to the fault and incompetence of former officials.

Most of those who caused this massacre are still in place even if they no longer have total control since Kaïs Saïed entrusted the management of the vaccination campaign to the army. So, the Tunisians, with all their grit, are now asking to hold accountable those who have let their friends, parents, children, brothers, and sisters die for not wanting to immunize the population. Or worse still because the politicians have profited from the emergency. Without forgetting that they are also responsible for the economic crisis because a country that has not made progress in its vaccination could not hope for a quick exit from the emergency.



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