Tensions Rise in Bsharri After Fatal Shootings; Perpetrators Condemned by PM


Following the deadly shootings of two people on Saturday, tensions have grown in the northern Lebanese town of Bsharri. Near Qurnat As Sawda, the highest peak in Lebanon and the Levant, Haitham Touk, 36, was fatally shot. A few hours later, when soldiers continued searching for the sniper, Malik Touk, 50, was slain. Politicians and religious leaders swiftly condemned the event, which sparked controversy about the shootings’ motivations. Najib Mikati, the interim prime minister, has vowed to find the criminals and has emphasised the importance of maintaining composure and moderation at this crucial time.

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In response to the unfortunate tragedy, Prime Minister Najib Mikati strongly condemned it. He reassured the populace that the perpetrators of the shootings would be aggressively sought out and apprehended. Prime Minister Mikati spoke with Army Commander Gen. Joseph Aoun and security and judicial authorities to ensure a prompt and complete inquiry into the situation. Given the sensitive situation Lebanon is in, he emphasised the value of discernment and advised against taking a knee-jerk stance.

Speculations concerning the shootings’ underlying causes have increased due to the shootings’ apparent lack of a distinct motivation. Observers speculate that the bombings might have been launched with the intention of putting pressure on the Lebanese Forces Party, a rival political force to Hezbollah. Others worry about potential initiatives meant to fortify connections with Hezbollah-allied MPs from Dennieh to guarantee that Qurnat As Sawda and the surrounding area will be included in the Dennieh district rather than Bsharri district. Hezbollah sources, meanwhile, have refuted any role in the killings and reaffirmed their dedication to averting any situational escalation.

Many political and religious leaders have urged restraint and calm in the wake of these horrific occurrences, realising the need to prevent violence. Nabih Berri, the parliament speaker, encouraged Tripoli MP Faisal Karami to use prudence and advised against bias and disinformation. Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Darian enjoined Karami to help defuse the situation. Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi urged the people of Bsharri to display caution and defer to the judiciary to settle the long-running conflict in Qurnat As Sawda. He also stressed the need for the army to preserve security. Similarly, Sheikh Ali Al-Khatib, the top Shiite religious figure, warned against the risks of internal conflict and emphasised the importance of making wise and responsible decisions.

Politicians and government representatives from Bsharri have voiced their concerns about the killings and the more significant concerns. In order to incite internal conflict, a gang that has been encroaching on their territory, according to Bsharri politician William Touk, is allegedly responsible for the violence. He emphasised the need for patience while reiterating his commitment to standing up for their rights if the authorities do nothing. In order to resolve the situation, the Lebanese army has taken action, making arrests and seizing guns and ammunition. Several people from Bsharri and Dennieh have been detained as part of the ongoing inquiry.

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The tragic gunshots in Bsharri have raised anxiety and tension in the Lebanese town in the north. Political and religious leaders are advising patience and calm as the probe progresses, stressing the importance of discernment and discretion. The criminals will be apprehended, interim prime minister Mikati has pledged, and the Lebanese army is aggressively working to prosecute those responsible. To avoid more violence and instability at this key juncture for Lebanon, it is imperative that all parties emphasise conversation, peaceful solutions, and the maintenance of civil peace.




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