Tensions Rise: Israeli Intelligence Accuses 190 UNRWA Staff in Gaza

israeli intelligence accuses 190 unrwa staff

In a recent development that has sent shockwaves through the international community, an Israeli intelligence dossier has accused 190 Gaza UNRWA employees of having affiliations with Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The six-page document, disclosed by Reuters, has prompted several countries, including major donors like the United States and Germany, to suspend funds for the UN Palestinian aid agency.

The Grave Allegations

The heart of the matter lies in the claims that some UNRWA employees, including teachers, allegedly participated in abductions and killings during the October 7 raid, a tragic incident that ignited the Gaza war. According to the Israeli intelligence report, these 190 individuals are accused of having dual roles as militants for Hamas or Islamic Jihad.

The dossier not only outlines the accusations but goes a step further, providing names and pictures of 11 individuals involved. Among them, a school counselor is implicated in assisting his son in the abduction of a woman during the Hamas infiltration, an UNRWA social worker is accused of coordinating the transfer of a slain Israeli soldier’s corpse, and another is alleged to have taken part in a rampage in the Israeli border village of Beeri.

Denials and Counterclaims

Predictably, the Palestinians have vehemently rejected these allegations, accusing Israel of fabricating information to damage UNRWA’s reputation. UNRWA, in response, asserts that it has terminated the employment of some implicated staffers and is actively investigating the claims. The agency has refrained from commenting further due to an ongoing probe by the United Nations.

International Ramifications

The repercussions of these accusations are profound. With more than 10 countries, including significant contributors like the United States and Germany, suspending funding, UNRWA faces a severe financial crisis. For an agency that over half of Gaza’s 2.3 million Palestinians rely on for day-to-day assistance, this poses a substantial threat to its operations.

UNRWA has already been strained by the enduring conflict in the region, exacerbated by Israel’s war on Hamas in Gaza. The agency declared that it would be unable to sustain operations beyond February’s end if funding is not reinstated promptly.

UNRWA’s Role and Israel’s Longstanding Accusations

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency was established in the aftermath of the 1948 war at Israel’s founding, specifically to aid refugees in what was formerly British-ruled Palestine. Over the years, Israel has consistently accused UNRWA of perpetuating conflict by discouraging the resettlement of refugees and, on occasion, of its staff participating in armed attacks against Israel.

UNRWA, on its part, vehemently denies any wrongdoing, emphasizing that its role is solely to provide relief to those in need.

The Intelligence Report’s Accusations

According to the Hebrew-language dossier, the intelligence information, documents, and identity cards seized during the conflict purportedly reveal around 190 UNRWA employees with affiliations to Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The report accuses Hamas of strategically deploying its terrorist infrastructure within a variety of UN facilities and assets, including schools – a claim vehemently denied by Hamas.

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The Humanitarian Crisis and the Exploitation of Residents

As this controversy unfolds, the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza exacerbates. The ongoing military campaign against Hamas has resulted in more than 26,000 casualties, and the health ministry warns of growing risks of preventable diseases and famine due to the dwindling flows of aid, including food and medicine.

With over one million people seeking shelter in UNRWA facilities amid Israeli bombardments, the potential cessation of the agency’s operations could worsen an already critical situation. The dossier contends that “terrorist organizations are cynically exploiting the residents of the Strip and international organizations whose mission is to provide aid, causing de facto harm to the residents of the Strip.”

In conclusion, the Israeli intelligence report has ignited a complex web of accusations and counterclaims, threatening the already fragile humanitarian situation in Gaza. As the international community grapples with the fallout, the future of UNRWA’s operations and the well-being of Gaza’s residents hang in the balance.



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