The release of captured terrorists in Afghanistan


zelensky rejects putin’s ultimatum the fight for ukraine’s sovereignty con 20240615 192922 0000

Zelensky Rejects Putin’s Ultimatum: The Fight for Ukraine’s Sovereignty Continues

Zelensky Rejects Putin’s Ultimatum- The Fight for Ukraine’s Sovereignty ContinuesZelensky Rejects Putin’s Ultimatum: The Fight for Ukraine’s Sovereignty ContinuesMeta Description: Ukrainian President Zelensky rejects Putin’s

how modi plans to deepen ties with the middle east this 2024 20240615 172953 0000

How Modi Plans to Deepen Ties with the Middle East this 2024

Advancing major infrastructure projects like the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC), Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s agenda for 2024 calls for This complex project fits within

muslim embark on hajj amidst israel hamas conflict

Muslim Embark on Hajj Amidst Israel Hamas Conflict 

In the scorching heat of Mecca, Muslim pilgrims have begun the annual Hajj pilgrimage, converging on the vast tent city in Mina on Friday. Set

freedom after long captivity the release of louis arnaud

Freedom After Long Captivity: The Release of Louis Arnaud

After enduring over 20 months of imprisonment, French national Louis Arnaud has been released by Iranian authorities. His detention, which stemmed from his alleged participation

g7 summit opens with deal to support ukraine using frozen russian assets

G7 Summit Opens with Deal to Support Ukraine Using Frozen Russian Assets

Historic Agreement to Back Ukraine The Group of Seven (G7) summit embarked upon a significant development: a consensus on a U.S. proposal to support a

lebanon’s unwelcome syrian refugees face tough choices

Lebanon’s Unwelcome: Syrian Refugees Face Tough Choices

Even if Syrian refugees have been seeking protection in Lebanon for over ten years, a recent spike in hostility is compelling them to take a



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