Top Arabic Movies to Be on Your Watchlist – 2024

top arabic movies to be on your watchlist

Currently undergoing a rebirth, Arab films provide critically praised works appealing to viewers from all around the world. From pulse-pounding thrillers to heartbreaking tragedies, 2024 offers again another year full with intriguing Arabic films. These must-watch films will help you to build a queue with a different cinematic experience:

From the Ashes

Directed by Layla Hassan, this Netflix original film sets viewers on an emotional journey within Al-Eman Girls School. An apparently normal school day ends tragically when an unidentified fire breaks out in the basement and traps instructors and pupils within. Confusion and panic seize the institution as people struggle for survival. Inspired by actual events, “From the Ashes” promises a potent and unforgettable narrative of resiliency, bravery, and the ongoing power of the human spirit. Along with rising stars like Adwa Fahad and Darin AlBayed, the film offers a great cast including veterans Shaima AlTayeb and Khairyeh Abu Laban.

El Hareefa

Under the direction of eminent director Karim El-Ghazi, “El Hareefa” is under wraps but early rumours indicate it will be a must-see for aficionados of tense thrillers. Plot specifics are few, suggesting merely a convoluted and mysterious female protagonist at the heart of the work. Renowned for his deft weaving of complex stories with strong female leads, El-Ghazi has viewers excited about the debut of the movie. There is a lot of conjecture; some point to a governmental conspiracy while others imply a more intimate, character-driven narrative. One thing is certain: “El Hareefa” guarantees to be an engaging and provocative examination of suspense.


“HWJN” is a movie not to miss for anyone yearning a different cinematic experience. Under the direction of imaginative director Rami Arakha, well-known for his love of experimentation, “HWJN” resists easy classification. Combining aspects of fantasy, science fiction, and social critique, the movie produces a visually arresting and provocative trip. Although particular story points are still under wraps, rumours point to a group of pals on an apparently ordinary adventure discovering a hidden universe that questions their reality-perceptions. “HWJN” seems to be a visually spectacular and mind-bending investigation into the unknown with Arakha’s distinctive approach and gifted ensemble on board.

Finding Ola Season 2

The much expected follow-up of the Egyptian Netflix series that has enthralled viewers with its gripping plot and superb acting is “Finding Ola Season 2.” The show centres on Ola Abd El Sabour, a woman whose apparently ideal existence is disrupted when her husband asks for a divorce. Ola negotiates single life, juggling its demands while parenting her two children. Her close-knit network of friends helps her on her path of self-discovery; she also sets off a love trip with Marwan.

My Driver and I

The moving coming-of- age movie “My Driver and I” explores the life of two people from quite different origins. Set in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the movie revolves on Salma, a young rich Saudi girl’s relationship with her Sudanese driver, Gamar. Over the years, they create a strong connection despite their variances in gender, colour, age, and culture. While Gamar, who has left Sudan to help his family, shares a love for traditional Arab music, Salma is shown as a curious and rebellious teenager drawn to Western popular culture. Their relationship is tested as Salma matures and starts to express her independence, therefore underlining the different social roles and economic situations they both experience.

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Blue 52

Ali El Arabi’s drama “Blue 52” chronicles the journey Ashish, a young Indian child, sets off to transform his life. Ashish, isolated by his father on a far-off island house in Kochi, India, has grown up knowing very little about the world outside his football hero Lionel Messi. Ashish escapes at the age of 23 to meet his hero in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar with the constant support of his mother and the life lessons she imparted upon him. Combining reality with fantasy, the movie captures the life of the labourers who erected the stadiums and offers a behind-the-scenes view of the World Cup. Offering a different viewpoint on dreams, worries, and hopes, this story helps Ashish to find himself and the world for the first time.

Neha Dhupia and Adil Hussain, portraying Ashish’s parents, are among the cast members. Mahmoud Basher, who has worked with El Arabi already, is the cinematographer. Produced by Katara Studios and Ambient Light, “Blue 52” is expected to be a moving addition to foreign film.


Directed and written by Fatima AlBanowitz, who also stars in the main part, “Basma” is drama. The movie centres on Basma, a young Saudi woman who studies overseas and then makes her way back to Jeddah. She has to face harsh facts she finds her family has been hiding from her upon her return. Set to premiere on June 6, 2024, the film looks to be a gripping story examining issues of family secrets, personal development, and the conflict between old beliefs and modern life. Eissa Hafiz and Mai Hakeem are among the cast members that give this tale of revelation and self-discovery complexity.

This is only a taste of the fantastic Arabic films that will be on release in 2024. Every movie aficionado will find a cinematic experience among the several genres and subjects available. Thus, keep a watch on these forthcoming films and get ready to be carried to other worlds and enthralled by the potency of Arabic cinema.



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